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The Fixed Fee Program Menu

Our fixed fee programs have taken off with a roar! Many of our referrers seem to like the simplicity and efficiency of having a program with a set budget, set time frame or set number of sessions. Structured parameters remove the ambiguity, so it’s straight into the good stuff! We like it too because it means that we know what we’ve got to work with from the start – less admin, less back-and-forth communications, and we can hit the ground running from the point of referral. 


We have been gradually adding to our menu of fixed fee programs, building up our options to suit a wider range of people and condition types. Things move fast around here, so it can be hard to keep up with all of the new and exciting options! 


Let us take the liberty to update you on each of our fixed fee program options. 


The ‘Re’ Series


This is where it all began. ReConnect, ReBuild, and ReBalance; these 4 session beauties are a quick and easy way to tick off the 4 key pillars of health – sleep, stress / mindfulness, nutrition and (of course) exercise. They set the foundations for improving health for those recovering from a mental health condition (ReConnect), a musculoskeletal injury (ReBuild), or cancer (ReBalance).


The success of the ReConnect program lead to an extension – adding an additional 4 exercise sessions to the initial 4 pillars of health. We introduced Recharge – an 8 session special, specific for mental health conditions, but able to be used for anyone wanting to improve their health literacy and activity levels. 


Along Came ‘Bounce’


If you’ve been following our content for a while, suuurely you will have heard about our Bounce program… It’s our 12 week fatigue management program. After 5 years of working in the chronic fatigue space, it was time to bundle up all our collective knowledge and tie a bow around it!  


The Bounce program utilises Heart Rate Variability, activity tracking and biometric analysis in conjunction with education about the key principles of fatigue management. The program is split into 3 parts, where we aim to build the individuals confidence and ability to self manage their fatigue over the course of the program. Our Exercise Physiologists are there to support them every step of the way, showing them first how to interpret their own biometric data, and eventually to help them make decisions for their activity levels each day. 


We Love Science


Now this one is a little bit different… The Headstrong program is actually a research project in disguise! 


The Headstrong program is a 12 week program for our mental health clients that utilises Heart Rate Variability. Just like with the Bounce program, we are supporting clients to understand how their own biometric data can relate to their mood, and how balancing their exercise / activity with rest can help to move the data in the right direction.


This program came about because we were so excited by the incredible improvements that we saw in our mental health clients that we wanted to quantify it in a research project. Through collaboration with leading researchers at Massey University in Palmerston North, NZ we created a research design that is rigorous enough to put forward for scientific research. We are in the process of collecting data that looks specifically at the use of exercise and HRV in the return to work space!


Last but not least…


Restore – The newest program to hit the block! Designed specifically for the motor accident and workcover market to target the growing gap in the market for those individuals affected by chronic pain.


Restore is the very first of its kind (that we know of) to combine exercise, pain coaching, and pharmacology into a 12 week program. It’s a collaboration with the well renowned team at ‘Beyond Pain’, who specialise in chronic pain management. We are excited to join forces with Anjelo Ratnachandra and his team to create a program that is pioneering the chronic pain rehabilitation space. 


The Menu of Options


Well, there you have it! The fixed fee program menu. Anything in particular to your appetite?


Have you got any questions? Feel free to reach out to admin@specialisedhealth.au for more information, or jump straight in and make a referral to one of our fixed fee programs!

Author: Yolanda van Vugt
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Content Creator at Specialised

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