Specialised Health is a specialist provider of exercise physiology and work conditioning services for customers in the Life Insurance space. Acknowledging the differences when working within Life Insurance has been the key to the outcomes achieved by Specialised Health’s EP’s to date.

With an engine room built in the Rehabilitation Provider space (our Director and numerous consultants have had a combined 80+ years of experience working as Rehab Providers in the WC NSW scheme) our company’s values are firmly entrenched with a mindset of proactivity, speed and strategy along with a constant focus on returning the customer to the work environment, keeping in line with evidence based practices.

“When people return to work on modified duties, they can return sooner and are more likely to resume their normal duties in time.”

Our consultants are also acutely aware, however, of the customer’s needs and desires and will ensure that all things pertaining to health, fitness and wellness are incorporated into our interactions with the customer to ensure the best claims experience possible.

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