Exercise Physiology Explained

Exercise Physiology Explained

Exercise physiology boasts a long history, marked by the publication of its first dedicated textbook in 1888 (1). However, it’s in the last 40 years that the field has really grown.Notably, research outputs have surged, professional bodies have solidified their presence, and exercise physiologists are increasingly valued in the realms of health and rehabilitation (2,3).  […]

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best exercise for mental health

Ask the team – what’s the best exercise for mental health?

It’s no secret that exercise can help improve mental health – an abundance of research on conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD repeatedly shows that exercise is an effective tool for treatment (1). Research also shows that it helps with stress reduction, improving sleep quality, increasing energy levels, increasing confidence and self-perception (2) –

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EP or OT

Q&A: OT or EP?

Exercise Physiology is still somewhat new to the rehabilitation space, and people don’t always know when, or who, to refer to in various scenarios. As with many health professions, there can be overlap in the services offered. The lines may be blurred between one professional scope of practise and another! A common grey area that

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