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‘Restore’ – Our Newest Program for Chronic Pain!

Now this one is a little bit special…We are collaborating with the one and only Beyond Pain, to bring to you… The Restore program!

The Restore program was initially created following the request from a leading New South Wales CTP insurer to tackle a growing gap in the market for those impacted by chronic pain. It is the first of it’s kind – that we know of – to combine these 3 critical components into a bundle of restorative greatness!

What 3 components are they, you ask? Keep reading to find out!


Who, What, How?


The program is designed to assist those affected by pain which has lasted for over 12 weeks post injury. 

Normally, we would expect tissue healing to have occurred within 12 weeks of injury. When pain persists, there are often other factors at play, and a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to go. That was one of the drivers of the Restore program.

The Restore program combines pain coaching, pharmacy review, and of course, exercise physiology, all wrapped up in a concise 12 week program. Let’s explore those 3 key components.

  • Pain Coaching

With the pain coaching component, you can expect 1 on 1 service that is tailored to the person at hand. Delivered by a Pain Coach with expertise in pain management, the sessions are designed to equip the individual with the skills necessary to independently manage their pain. 

The pain coaches will help the individual to discover the key things to look out for, how to minimise the risks of pain flare-ups, and identify which pain management strategies work best for them. The pain coaches have a unique set of skills and form a significant part of the interdisciplinary team.

Education is delivered in unique, easy to understand modules. The best part is that it is from the comfort of the individuals own home! 

  • Pharmacy

This is where the Restore program really stands out. The addition of a pharmaceutical review is a pioneering service, meaning that this is a new and exciting avenue that is only just becoming available!

Medications are complex, and often come with unwanted side effects. The purpose of adding pharmacy to the multi-discipline team allows support to be provided to the treating GP/Specialists for decisions about medications, allowing them to optimise pain relief while minimising unwanted side effects. 

Once again, the service is delivered 1 on 1 to ensure that it addresses the needs of the individual. They can help to answer any questions that they may have regarding their medications, and together, develop an appropriate strategy to ensure the prescribed medications work best for them. 

In some cases, this may be a matter of helping to reduce opioid dependency or exploring non-medicative options, such as natural options and compounded creams, instead of pharmaceuticals. All recommendations are provided directly to the GP and other treating Specialists so they can consider the changes and take action where necessary.

  • Exercise Physiology

Ahh yes, this is where we come in…

Exercise physiology addresses pain through experiential learning. The individual is able to learn through movement what they are capable of. 

The value in exercise can come from the physical benefits (i.e. improving strength, fitness, and sleep quality), the psychological benefits (stress reduction, a distraction from their pain, an emotional outlet), or purely an increase in their own self efficacy (increased confidence in movement and reduction of fear-avoidance behaviours) – or a combination of all of the above! 

Our EP’s can also help equip that individual with movement based strategies, such as stretching, breathing and self massage, to better manage their pain. 

The Restore program is made up of 5 pain coaching sessions, a pharmacist review, and up to 8 exercise based sessions. But wait, isn’t something missing?


…There’s More!


Don’t worry, communication is front and centre in the Restore program! The 12 week program also includes a GP case conference, so that the GP stays up to date and involved with their patients progress. 

Insurers and Rehab Consultants, we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll be receiving the descriptive, function-based, fortnightly email updates that Specialised Health has become known and respected for. 


The Restorative Bundle


The Restore program paves the way for chronic pain management – being the first of it’s kind to combine pharmaceutical review, with physical re-conditioning, behaviour change and lifestyle education. 

It’s the next level of comprehensive care for individuals affected by chronic pain.

Has someone come to mind as you read this blog? Contact for more information, or make a referral here!

Author: Yolanda van Vugt 
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Content Creator at Specialised
Supporting material provided by Anj Ratnachandra from Beyond Pain

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