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Where you can find the best Exercise Physiologists in the game. Hover over your city to see who'll be helping you out.


Free Guide to Achieving Outcomes in Every Rehabilitation Case

After 15 years of helping customers navigate the insurance schemes and successfully return to work following an illness or injury, we’ve nailed down the 8 key steps that must be implemented to get your customers back to work.

From the importance of communication, to engaging the GP’s, these are the 8 skills which need to be in your toolkit if you want to achieve successful outcomes.


Life Insurance Services

Specialised Health is a specialist provider of exercise physiology and work conditioning services for customers in the Life Insurance space. Acknowledging the differences when working within Life Insurance has been the key to the outcomes achieved by Specialised Health’s EP’s to date.

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Workcover and CTP Services

With a strong focus on communication with all stakeholders in the rehabilitation process, our EP’s are able to tie in seamlessly with Rehab Providers, Physiotherapists, Injury Management Advisors and Claims Managers to drive progression, upgrades and outcomes.

Click here to find out more about what we do in the Workcover NSW and CTP schemes


Still considering whether you should be engaging an Exercise Physiologist? Or maybe you're still unsure of what it actually is that an EP does and how they can help? This video will help

  • Thanks to you and your team Brad for the great results you get for our customers – it’s fantastic to work with a provider that is always looking for creative solutions and options to support our customers to recover.

    Belinda Nicholson, Retail Claims Manager, BT Financial Group
  • Just wanted to say thanks and acknowledge Specialised Health for all the collaboration over the years. It’s great working with you and your team as you always aim to understand our needs. Thanks for delivering such a superior service to us and our Customers. Warmest Regards.

    June Khaw, Program Manager, Claims Operations, AMP Financial Services
  • The team at Specialised Health are experts in their field and extremely professional. Brad is always available to discuss service strategy and the EP’s are very responsive with high levels of communication. The outcomes are fantastic and achieved in such a collaborative way. A brilliant team to partner with

    Kelly Vance, Director, Zeal Health
  • I cannot speak highly enough of Brad Domek and his team and the tailored, timely and evidence based services they deliver on very complex claims. Specialised Health educates and empowers their clients to not only get stronger but also to better manage their capacity to engage in work and life. I recommend Specialised Health to all my customers because of their ability to consistently deliver individualised programs, communicate regularly and work with me and my customers to deliver good rehab and great outcomes.

    Sonya Faull, Rehabilitation Consultant, Empowered Outcomes

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