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To potentially save you some time, here are a few answers to some often asked questions about our programs which might answer your query.


Specialised Health is a dedicated provider of Exercise Physiology treatment and work conditioning services for customers within the Australian compensable schemes.

Specialised Health is the leading provider of Exercise Physiology rehabilitation programs for those suffering chronic injuries and illnesses across Australia and New Zealand.

For the last 9 years our EPs have specialised in the following areas:

Mental Health Conditions
Post Viral and Chronic Fatigue
Musculoskeletal Recovery
Cancer Rehabilitation

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with the above as well as cardiac, neurological, pulmonary conditions and more.


Our evidence based programs are at the forefront of pioneering healthcare

Recent research will always power our programs. Whether it’s new metrics such as heart rate variability, wearable tech or mindfulness and sleep tracking, you can be confident our rehabilitation approach for all conditions will be strongly evidence based.

We specialise in helping customers who are covered under a compensable scheme.

Whether it’s Income Protection, Veterans Affairs, Motor Accidents or Workers Compensation, in these arenas our level of communication is unmatched. Rehabilitation process can be slowed by treatment providers who do not provide updates or engage with other parties, therefore, you can be assured everyone will be in the loop at every step of the way

Choose your own adventure

Specialised Health has 30 mobile Exercise Physiologists across 4 states in Australia as well as both the North and South Islands of New Zealand who have been delivering face to face rehabilitation programs in local gyms, parks and homes for the past 9 years. Video-based interventions are available for those in rural and remote areas and have become a key offering helping those with reduced access to care.

Where We Are

Where you can find the best Exercise Physiologists in the game. Hover over your city to see who’ll be helping you out.

Free Guide to Achieving Outcomes in Every Rehabilitation Case

It may seem unusual to put an Exercise Physiologist on the case for a mental health condition. Everyone knows that exercise is good for improving physical health conditions, but for mental health? The science is clear – and we see the proof first hand in our work – exercise is a fantastic tool for improving mental health outcomes.
Here are 3 reasons that we believe that ALL mental health claims should have an exercise physiologist involved.

Still considering whether you should be engaging an Exercise Physiologist? Or maybe you’re still unsure of what it actually is that an EP does and how they can help? This video will help


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We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.
  • Aidan McFarland

    North Sydney

  • Brad Domek


  • Brandon Woolley


  • Caitlin Milne

    Caitlin Milne


  • Cara Leyten

    Palmerston North

  • Carmyn Barnes

    Christchurch & Canterbury

  • Cathy Barakat


  • Crystal Stavris

    Executive Assistant

  • Daniel Logan

    East Brisbane, CBD, Redland

  • David Clarke

    North Brisbane, City & Ipswich

  • Eric Suh

    North West Sydney

  • Gary Calitz


  • Georgia Devine


  • Gracie Costa

    Christchurch & South Canterbury

  • Hussein Taoube

    Inner West & East Sydney

  • Jack Philp

    South West Sydney & Wollongong

  • James Danos

    Melbourne and Regional Victoria

  • Kellie Worell


  • Leanne Groves

    South Brisbane & Gold Coast

  • Lee-Anne Slate

    Northern Suburbs of Perth

  • Mae Heard-Pennel

    Head of Learning and Development

  • Mark Watson

    South West & Sydney

  • Melissa Mills


  • Naser Biksmati


  • Natalie Winterton

    Natalie Winterton


  • Nina Brandt-Sandral


  • Renee Trevarthen


  • Ryan Free


  • Samuel Panton

    Samuel Panton


  • Shara Kinney

    South / North West Sydney

  • Tessa Nielsen

    New Plymouth

  • Tessa Thurston


  • Zac Mahmoud

    North and East Melbourne

Aidan McFarland

North Sydney

Aidan has over 6 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist in compensable spaces, assisting people with recovery, return to work and their normal daily activities. He has an expert understanding of these schemes and how to provide the best patient-centred treatment to achieve the return to work and ADL goals.

He has extensive experience supporting an RTW for those with musculoskeletal injuries, mental health, fatigue management, cancer recovery and pain management.

Brad Domek


Director – Northern Sydney

As an EP with 16 years experience in occupational rehabilitation Brad has worked within all major compensable schemes in Australia and New Zealand. Brad has been a Guest Lecturer at ACU, has presented to Insurers and Re-Insurers in both Australia and NZ on topics such as Exercise Physiology in Occupational Rehab, using EP to assist customers with Mental Health, Fatigue and Cancer as well as Exercise Physiology in the Life Insurance Industry. With a clinical background as well as long history working as an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider, he has developed a blend of experience in both the treatment and occupational settings which has now become the foundation of all work provided by the EPs at Specialised Health.

Brandon Woolley


Brandon completed a Master of Health Science degree at Massey University, Wellington in 2013, in which he investigated the effects of exercise on vascular health in Stroke survivors. Brandon continued to be heavily involved in various research projects and lectured in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Prescription and Sports Nutrition.

Brandon managed a stroke rehabilitation clinic at Massey University and has developed extensive knowledge of neurological disabilities in addition to his work with physically disabled and visually impaired clients.

Brandon is an avid mountain biker and surfer, who can often be found riding the many trails located around the Wellington region, or in the waters of Lyall Bay. He is also always keen to talk about cricket!

Caitlin Milne

Caitlin Milne


Caitlin graduated from Otago University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Exercise Physiology with honours. She has extensive experience working with patients with chronic health conditions and illnesses including cancer, mental health and musculoskeletal injuries.

Caitlin is a strong advocate of ‘knowledge is power’, Caitlin goes above and beyond to empower her clients and ensure they have a complete understanding of the what, why and how. She also has an in-depth understanding of the role an engaging and integrative health model can have on the long-term health outcomes for anyone.

Cara Leyten

Palmerston North

Cara has worked in the rehabilitation and physical training industry for the last six years, completing a Master’s in Health Science with Distinction along the way. She has predominantly specialised in musculoskeletal condititions – particularly chronic pain and injuries that have been deemed advanced or “tricky” to solve – and has also worked with a variety of other special populations from cardiovascular conditions through to high level sport performance. She now runs her own business out of her Palmerston North studio.

Her passion for helping people with chronic and life changing conditions stems from her own chronic back injury that she sustained from a significant BMX crash thirteen years ago. While she still enjoys riding bikes, Cara has a newfound love for hiking in the hills with her dogs. She is a social, positive, and active person who loves life and the people around her.

Carmyn Barnes

Christchurch & Canterbury

Carmyn went to The University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and has worked as an Exercise Physiologist for 8 years. Carmyn specialises in providing treatment for a range of chronic and orthopaedic conditions with her favourites being stroke, mental health as well as cancer rehabilitation where she has always included a wellness focus to her exercise programming.

Carmyn has a second passion for working with young children and studied a post-graduate degree in the gross motor development of children from a rehabilitation perspective.

Cathy Barakat


Cathy has been assisting in the WorkCover rehabilitation industry since 2009 and over the years she has developed a significant level of proficiency in rehabilitation administration. In her previous role, Cathy was the National Admin Manager, managing a large team. Since joining Specialised Health in 2019, Cathy has been able to transfer her knowledge to her team, while also learning and adapting her skills in the life insurance scheme. Cathy is well aware of the needs of all parties within the compensable schemes and has been a valuable asset to our administration team.

Crystal Stavris

Executive Assistant

Crystal has been assisting in the rehabilitation industry since 2009 and therefore over the years she has developed a significant level of proficiency in all areas of compensable rehabilitation administration. As a result of working with both worker’s compensation, work conditioning providers and life insurance-based rehabilitation providers Crystal has become acutely aware of the needs of all parties within the compensable schemes.

Daniel Logan

East Brisbane, CBD, Redland

Daniel has over 10 years experience as an exercise professional and specialises in the management of fatigue-based conditions and musculoskeletal injuries. Dan also has vast experience in the chronic pain, post-cancer recovery, and mental health spaces, in addition to working with elite and sub-elite athletes.

Dan is also a seasoned cycling road racing champion with wins throughout the Queensland circuit and was most recently crowned the 2022 Masters Criterium champion.

David Clarke

North Brisbane, City & Ipswich

David Clarke is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist graduating from Australian Catholic University with a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology.  David’s diverse clinical experience has been working across the various schemes including NDIS, Workers Compensation, National Insurance Injury Scheme and private practice. David is passionate about helping individuals move more and empowering them to make lifestyle choices that will positively impact their lives. David is focused on helping patients achieve their goals throughout their journey.

Outside of his professional pursuits, David is an avid sports enthusiast. He finds solace on the golf course and additionally in the world of powerlifting, where he continually pushes his own limits and celebrates the strength of the human body. David proudly supports the Brisbane Broncos and Lions, showing unwavering loyalty to both teams.

David has a passion for musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation, weight loss, pain management and men’s health with a view to improve the overall health of his clients.

Eric Suh

North West Sydney

A firm believer of ‘Exercise is Medicine’, Eric has centred his education and qualifications on that which empowers people to manage their health through the therapeutic effects of exercise. He has completed his undergraduate Sport and Exercise Science degree and Postgraduate Diploma (cardiac rehab) in Auckland, New Zealand, and has moved across the ditch to pursue his career as an accredited exercise physiologist in Australia since 2015.

Since his move to Australia, he has applied his skills across various roles and schemes (including both clinical and Rehab Consultant roles) and has a special interest in management of chronic conditions, cardiac rehab, mental health and musculoskeletal injuries.

Eric has a holistic approach to people’s recovery, taking time to listen, educate and empower people to take active measures to better their health.

Gary Calitz


Gary studied at the University of Johannesburg and University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa. He founded and was the principle Biokineticist of his own private practice for 8 years, working with professional athletes, musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, neuromuscular rehabilitation and exercise for chronic diseases.

Living in Hamilton now, Gary is currently undertaking a Master of Science, Human Performance Science at the Waikato Institute of Technology.

Gary is passionate about sport and competing, and therefore loves to help his client’s progress in their physical abilities to achieve more and overcome psychological barriers to their progression. He is empathetic, warm and patient with his clients to bring about these vital progression phases.

Georgia Devine


Central, Inner and Outer East & South East Melbourne

Georgia has 5 years of experience as a clinical exercise physiologist working in both private practice and occupational rehabilitation. Georgia has also worked extensively in athletic development and high performance since graduating from her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2017.

Her interests include neurological and neuromuscular rehabilitation, chronic pain, women’s health and mental health. Her passion is in bringing a holistic or biopsychosocial approach to the treatment process and she is currently further developing this interest area by completing a graduate diploma in Psychology. Prior to pursuing exercise physiology, Georgia competed as a level 10 Gymnast at an international level until the age of 23.

Gracie Costa

Christchurch & South Canterbury

Gracie graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from the University in Sydney in January of 2024.  She has worked with a range of conditions during clinical placement including neurological, cardiovascuar, metabolic, immunological, cancer, musculoskeletal and mental health.  She has worked in both public and private settings, including physiotherapy clinics and hospitals.

In addition to working as an EP, she enjoys reading, being outdoors hiking, mountain biking and running, which allows her to build connections with a range of different clients.

Hussein Taoube

Inner West & East Sydney

Since graduating as an Exercise Physiologist, Hussein has worked both as an Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant as well as a Treating Exercise Physiologist with 4 years experience in the compensable sectors. Hussein has predominantly worked with individuals with cancer, mental health conditions and musculoskeletal injuries, however, has also developed experience with neuromuscular and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

Hussein has a passion for power lifting and has achieved amazing rehabilitation results for clients by incorporating basic strength training principles into their regimes.

Jack Philp

South West Sydney & Wollongong

Jack is a highly experienced Exercise Physiologist who has a passion for helping people with acute and chronic medical conditions and injuries to improve their physical health and mental well-being. Jack has been working with patients with a range of conditions since graduating in 2018 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge across the compensable schemes. He has speciality experience with cardiometabolic, musculoskeletal, mental health and respiratory conditions.

Jack excels in crafting personalized exercise regimens tailored to individuals’ unique capabilities and lifestyles, while also offering bespoke counsel on lifestyle modifications geared toward elevating overall health.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jack has been an integral part of numerous high-performance athletic environments and maintains active participation in rugby union, cricket, and golf.

James Danos

Melbourne and Regional Victoria

James graduated with a Masters of Exercise Physiology (2015) following his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (2012). He has worked across both the compensable and private clinical settings seeing a broad range of health conditions.

James has a special interest in the management of complex health conditions including pain, fatigue and mental health and loves seeing clients exceed their own expectations. James adopts a holistic approach with his clients seeking to understand the impact of the biological, psychological and social aspects of their condition. He seeks to discover their ‘why’ and uses this to tailor a program to their individual needs. With a love of both sports and exercise in general, James enjoys transferring his lifelong passion for these activities to help his clients adopt long term healthy changes to their lifestyle.

Kellie Worell


Kellie is accredited as an Exercise Physiologist as well as an Exercise Scientist who is currently studying post graduate Psychology. Kellie is experienced working in clinical settings managing a range of chronic and complex conditions, musculoskeletal and mental health conditions as well as pain management and cancer management.

Kellie applies evidence-based prescription to her experience and knowledge to connect with her clients to facilitate best possible health outcomes.

Leanne Groves

South Brisbane & Gold Coast

Leanne is an accomplished Accredited Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years’ experience, a trail running enthusiast and a dedicated professional with a passion for empowering individuals through knowledge and promoting health and wellness.

Having spent six years working closely with serving military personnel, Leanne has gained extensive experience in physical and occupational rehabilitation.

With an unwavering belief in the transformative power of knowledge, Leanne is committed to empowering others. By combining her extensive experience, expertise in exercise physiology, and passion for teaching, she strives to educate individuals, equipping them with the tools and understanding they need to take control of their own physical, mental and social well-being.

Whether it’s helping individuals manage a range of health issues, supporting their rehabilitation journey, or imparting wisdom to enable self-management of their conditions, Leanne continues to make a positive impact in the field of exercise physiology and beyond.

Lee-Anne Slate

Northern Suburbs of Perth

Lee-Anne graduated from Edith Cowan University in 2010 along with completing her Masters degree in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning). Lee-Anne has worked with a range of clients including musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, mental health, chronic disease management, pre and post-surgical exercise therapy including cardiac, musculoskeletal and organ transplant, pre and post cancer treatments/surgeries, posture related pain, chronic pain conditions and women’s health.

Lee-Anne has a passion for prescribing exercise to assist each persons’ individual needs whether it be via clinical pilates, gym based, hydrotherapy or home based programs. She enjoys working with people who have complex health conditions and has experience working with children, athletes, pregnancy and post-partum along with the general population and the over 50’s.

Mae Heard-Pennel

Head of Learning and Development

Mae studied Health Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and graduated withHonours in Biokinetics. After practicing for 8 years and setting up a successful private practice she immigrated to New Zealand in 2019, worked briefly as an Exercise Physiologist with Specialised Health while managing a rehab facility and busy physiotherapy practice. 5 years of upskilling staff has lead her back to Specialised Health doing what she is passionate about- supporting and developing allied professionals.

Mark Watson

South West & Sydney

During his 12years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Mark has worked on the injury management front in both injury rehabilitation and also injury preventative space. Mark has experience working in Medical Practices, Physiotherapy Clinics and Private Practice, covering area’s including; occupational rehabilitation, occupational health and wellness, and musculoskeletal screening and rehabilitation.

Given he’s a highly accomplished triathlete as well, Mark offers a wide range of training and experience that’s relevant for all clients regardless of background or history. Mark has a particular interest in lower limb injury prevention, treatment of tendinopathy pathologies and exercise in a broader context for mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Melissa Mills


As an experienced Personal Assistant with over 25 years in the legal industry, Melissa has now joined Specialised Health to assist in meeting the needs of clients and has a great understanding of the importance of rehabilitation and recovery.

As a result of her exposure in the legal industry in assisting the management of Workers Compensation and Compulsory Third Party files, Melissa is focused on achieving goals and outcomes for all of Specialised Health’s clients.

Naser Biksmati


Naser graduated from Murdoch University with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. His expertise particularly shines within the disability, orthopaedic and cardiac spaces, bringing a blend of deep passion and diverse experience.

In his professional practice, Naser has experience working with patients from various backgrounds, including those with complex mental health, neurodivergence, and requiring cardiac and orthopaedic rehabilitation. He also has experience with chronic conditions and oncology patients. His approach is characterised by a commitment to personalised care, catering to the unique needs of each individual.

 Naser is committed to empowering his clients, guiding them to understand and actively participate in their own health journey. He strongly believes in fostering intrinsic motivation, enabling individuals to gain independence, and effectively overcome their challenges.

Outside of work, Naser is committed to staying active, enjoying regular gym workouts, and swimming. His creative side is expressed in his aquascaping hobby, where he scapes underwater gardens. Family-oriented and an anime fan, Naser values the time spent with his loved ones immensely.

Natalie Winterton

Natalie Winterton


Natalie received an Honours degree in Sport Science and an Honours degree in Biokinetics both from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She has worked as an Exercise Physiologist for 10 years in South Africa and has recently immigrated to New Zealand.

Natalie’s specialties include musculoskeletal rehabilitation and treating special populations with neurological, autoimmune and metabolic diseases. She particularly enjoys working with the elderly, general populations as well as pre- and post- natal patients. Her focus is on wellness and on improving one’s physical well-being and quality of life through individualised scientific assessment and the prescription of exercise in rehabilitative treatment.

Nina Brandt-Sandral


Nina has over 17 years experience working in clinical settings as an Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist; complementing this is Nina’s 20+ years instructing, presenting and training in the fitness industry. Nina has extensive experience in exercise prescription and an evidence-based approach in managing chronic and complex health conditions. She has lived and worked all over regional Australia and her allied health work has been across many different industries such as mining and agriculture.

Nina is also employed in education, teaching at a University in health courses. She uses these education skills to assist patients make positive behavioural changes and lifestyle management to improve health outcomes.

Renee Trevarthen


North Brisbane, Redcliffe & Sunshine Coast

Renee Trevarthen is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelors degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2012. Renee’s clinical experience has been diverse working across many schemes including Medicare, Veterans Affairs, Workers compensation and private practice. Her passion has always been encouraging others to adopt healthy lifestyle changes that positively impact their present and future wellbeing. Renee is enthusiastic and a hardworking Exercise Physiologist who takes the time to understand the real issues facing a patient and to ensure their goals are met.

Her bubbly and empathetic personality of exercise prescription is well received by her clients, which makes every session fun and informative. Renee has a passion for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular rehabilitation, weight loss, mental health, posture and core stability including back pain, women’s health and overall improving the quality of life for clients.

Ryan Free


East, South & South East Melbourne

Ryan is a technically gifted practitioner with over 14 years of clinical experience having graduated with a Masters of Exercise Rehabilitation back in 2008. His attributes find him regularly assisting clients to reach movement, rehabilitation, life and work-performance outcomes that they thought were never possible.

Ryan enjoys the challenges presented by chronic pain and designates complex musculo-skeletal and movement dysfunction as his special interest areas. He is a highly respected contributor to national GP education programs on Managing Chronic Pain that are changing the landscape with respect to the over-prescription of pain medication. This, together with his expansive experience running group and individual programs at a renowned Psychiatric facility has resulted in many health professionals sending a stream of referrals to Ryan to work with particularly challenging cases requiring a thorough biopsychosocial approach.

He is a passionate, dedicated and empathic health professional which translate into his other areas of interest including AFL, Golf, Carpentry & Business.

Samuel Panton

Samuel Panton


In 2014, Sam received an Honours Degree in Physical Activity, Exercise and Health from the University of Wolverhampton, England. Since then, he spent 8 and a half years as a Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Practitioner, firstly working in the British National Health Service, then progressing to General Manager of a Charitable Organization.

Throughout Sam’s career, he has been involved with research into the effect of early intervention of individualised exercise programs on an acute exacerbation of COPD or Pulmonary Fibrosis, and separately into the most effective exercise routines for patients suffering from Post Viral Syndrome (Long Covid). After these experiences, He has become a strong believer that exercise is for all, no matter your barriers to participation or severity of condition.

People would describe Sam as a patient, understanding and empathetic individual who would go out of his way to ensure the best service is provided.

Shara Kinney

South / North West Sydney

Graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology from Murdoch University in Perth WA, Shara has been an Exercise Physiologist for 7 years and has worked with a range of clients from professional athletes to the elderly, chronic pain sufferers, cancer patients, mental health patients, veterans and general populations. Shara also has clinical experience in hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation programs and working with high risk patients. Shara is now leading the team of EPs based in WA.

In addition to being a great EP, Shara’s bubbly personality and work as a multi-talented Dancer, Entertainer and Professional Singer/ Songwriter allows her to build rapport easily and make a positive impact on those going through a difficult period in their lives.

Tessa Nielsen

New Plymouth

New Plymouth

Tessa has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 10-years and on completing her masters degree in 2017 commenced her work as an Exercise Physiologist.

Fatigue management was a major focal point of Tessa’s masters research, where she assessed the physiological response to exercise in those with chronic fatigue syndrome. Tessa is also passionate about the benefits exercise brings in the mental health space and the preventative powers of exercise in chronic disease. With everyone she works with, Tessa’s goal is always to “educate and inspire”.

Tessa Thurston


Tessa commenced working as an Exercise Physiologist in 2008 after completing degrees in Human Movement and Education.

She has had the opportunity to work in Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne in private and multidisciplinary clinics as well as workplace health and rehabilitation. Tessa has a keen interest in population health and has extensive experience in target pathologies including cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal and mental health.

Zac Mahmoud

North and East Melbourne

Zac graduated with a Bachelor with Clinical Honours of Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology in 2021. Zac was born and raised in Tasmania, only recently moving to Melbourne, Victoria.

In his professional experience, he has worked in a private clinical environment, seeing a broad range of different health conditions. Zac enjoys working with a wide range of clients, from cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, and the general population. Zac has good clinical experience that has led to primarily working in private practice, leading clients through programs for rehabilitation, functionality in Activities of Daily Living, and overall health and well-being. Zac also has a special interest in understanding the comprehensive depths of an individual’s needs and adopting an all-inclusive approach in assisting and improving an individual’s goal achievement, whether that be return to work or quality of life.

In addition to Exercise Physiology, Zac enjoys staying active, playing and watching football, spending time outdoors with friends and family, exercising, and enjoying life.



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