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Our Newest Fixed Fee Program for Mental Health

Our Company Director Brad Domek published a Linked-in article last week which served as a timely reminder of why fixed fee programs are such an advantage to case managers! 

He spoke about simplifying the budgeting process – by knowing exactly what something is going to cost before it is purchased. Less number crunching and cost/benefit ratio calculations required!

…This makes the referral process more efficient. It takes out the time-consuming process of back and forth communications in order to establish an accurate quote. Information regarding what is included in the program is readily available, the cost is already established – now you just need to say ‘yes!’

Plus, an easier decision means less ‘decision paralysis’ (procrastinating making the decision). This means that claimants can get started with their rehabilitation sooner. Earlier intervention gains better results in most cases, and ultimately gets claimants back to life sooner!


And let’s be frank, 

“It’s good to know what something is going to cost before you buy it, right? No one likes it when their plumber or sparky’s invoice goes well above what was quoted to them for the job… Or when the price at the checkout is higher than it was advertised on the shelf.”


We have three Fixed Fee programs at Specialised Health already, aimed at building solid foundations for the four pillars of health (activity, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep):

  • Reconnect – A four-session program for mental health conditions
  • Rebalance – A four-session program for cancer conditions
  • Rebuild – A four-session program for musculoskeletal conditions

We are excited to now introduce our newest fixed fee program Recharge – an eight-session program for mental health conditions. This builds on the Reconnect program with four additional sessions dedicated to developing an exercise plan tailored to the client’s needs.


‘Recharge’ your Mental Health

The Recharge program starts by educating and implementing strategies around those key four factors required for a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Physical activity / Exercise
  2. Nutrition
  3. Mindfulness / Stress reduction
  4. Sleep Hygiene

And then – to really bring home our specialty as Exercise Physiologists – a further four x 60 minute sessions of supervised exercise, to get that individual exercising safely, sustainably, and doing something that they enjoy!

These programs provide a structured approach to wellness, making sure that all the boxes get ticked. The additional four exercise sessions also provide the opportunity to reinforce the education provided in the initial sessions, keep the client on track, and hold them accountable for making those long-term lifestyle changes for their health!


But wait… Does fixed fee mean that everyone gets the same program?

A common assumption to make – but rest assured that “Fixed fee doesn’t mean fixed everything!”

There are guidelines and structure to our fixed fee programs, and the price is set. But…

  • Fixed fee programs are still individualised. 
  • Fixed fee programs still cater to different people’s needs.
  • Fixed fee programs still have the option to be flexible, creative, and think outside the box!


For more information on our Recharge program, check out the website: 


Author: Yolanda van Vugt

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