Low Level Lifting for a Courier with a Lower Back Injury

This week, we have a look at how we have been working to reintroduce a squatting movement pattern for a client with a lower back injury.

Now this is a two part video showing a progressive exercise where we have taken someone with lumbar disc bulges, who is really tentative to squat or perform any forward bending, to a point where they are holding five kilos in each hand and lifting from mid shin to hip height.

This client is a tour guide and often has to lift suitcases and baggage for customers. Therefore, this task is going to greatly assist with this type of lifting and carrying.

So note:
-the faster speed in the second video
-greater confidence despite the fact that he is holding ten kilos
-the big glutes squeeze during the final part of each lift.

This is all as a result of:
-receiving education about the safe joints he is able to use
-building his knowledge base around safe muscle activation
-correct strengthening.

A nice example of a textbook squatting movement pattern.

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Until next week.