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Considering making a referral?

If we’ve been on your radar for a little while and you’ve considered reaching out to us before, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet… Maybe this article will help get you over the line! 

We aim to make it as simple and as straightforward as possible for you to make a referral to us. We know that you’re busy, so we like to take the load off your plate. We also know the value of great communication, so you can expect regular updates every step of the way – so that you always know where things are at.

Sounds good, but you’re still not sure? This is our referral process outlined so that you know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it, when referring to us. 


The Referral Process

Making a referral to us is easy, you can do it within a few minutes!

We have a referral page on our website where you can enter the referral details directly, or you can fill out our simple referral form and send it back to us via email. 

Attach any relevant files or information, make note of any special needs or requests, and voila! Referral complete! Your work is done. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your client is in good hands.

From the time of us receiving the referral, our timer starts… We have a set timeline that we work to, to ensure efficient service. 

You should hear back from our management team within 24 hours of sending the referral. Behind the scenes, the manager in the applicable region is busy allocating the case to the most appropriate exercise physiologist.  Our admin team also sends off the GP consent form to streamline the process and help get the program underway more quickly. 

At this stage, we will confirm the cost for the initial assessment, including travel if applicable, and inform you which of our superstar EP’s you’ll be hearing from. If you’re a Rehab Provider / OT referring your client across and the insurer hasn’t yet provided a formal approval, no problems, we’re happy to take over obtain this from the Insurer directly.

make a referral Specialised Health

Within 24 hours of this confirmation email, you will be contacted directly by the allocated EP. This is an opportunity to discuss the client’s background, confirm any specific referral needs and give the go-ahead for us to contact the client. 

Once contact with the client has been made, and the initial assessment booked – we aim for within 3 working days – you will also receive a confirmation of this. 

You’ll hear from us again after the assessment with our initial thoughts based on the assessment results. These are then documented within a formal initial assessment report, which will be sent to you within 5 working days of the assessment. This report outlines our recommendations for the client’s program. We also send you a funding request with the cost for sessions, travel (if applicable), communication, and any equipment needed. 

The program begins once we have received approval for the program from you. From this point onwards, you can expect to receive ongoing fortnightly updates throughout the program to keep you informed of the client’s progress!

And there you have it! Now you know exactly what to expect when referring to us. What’s holding you back?


*For our fixed-fee programs, it’s even simpler! Get in touch if you are looking for a program for someone with a mental health, cancer, chronic fatigue, or musculoskeletal condition.


Author: Yolanda van Vugt

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