What To Expect When Working With Us (Told By Those Who Already Do!)

We harp on a bit about the benefits of working with an exercise physiologist for rehab providers and insurers…. BUT, it’s because we know from experience just how important this work is for achieving great outcomes! 

We also know how much the information that we provide can help to support decision making to push things forward in a client’s case. But we don’t expect you to take it just from us. Take it from the people who have already worked with us and can speak from their own experience… 

Today we thought we would share some of the areas that we prioritise in our service as a company, and the feedback that tells us we are doing a good job of it – so you know what to expect when working with us. 


Communication is always at the forefront of our minds – we want to make sure that all parties involved know exactly what is going on within the program. We keep our referrers up to date in every stage of the process, from receiving the referral, contacting the client, the initial assessment and beyond. This is also why we provide fortnightly email updates which give context on their progress through the program, and any other barriers that are presenting. Feedback tells us that our referrers find these updates really helpful!

“The service and communication was beyond my expectation.”

“It is helpful to receive commentary during the course of engagement on social or domestic factors that may be negatively influencing recovery and return to work.”

Functional Updates

Within these fortnightly updates, we provide updates on ‘functional capacity’ – the client’s ability to complete tasks of daily living, as well as their ability to complete tasks relating to their work.

For a builder with a shoulder injury who needs to be able to lift 5kg over his head, this may include updates on the weight lifted over head (i.e. shoulder press) during his gym sessions. For a manager with a mental health condition who is struggling with cognitive fatigue, it may be an indication of their ability to focus and stay engaged throughout a 1 hour EP session. 

Our functional updates provide the ingredients from which to guide a return to work program. If that builder can only lift 5kg over his head 5 times in a row, then we may recommend strategies such as task rotation to give his recovering shoulder a break after 5 lifts. If that manager only has capacity for 45 minutes before they start to experience fatigue, we may recommend shortening meeting times to 40 minutes. In this way, our EP sessions can be considered as test-runs for some of the tasks completed in the workplace. This information can then be translated into objective recommendations for their capacity to complete tasks at work. 

“Continue providing those clear opinions on work capacity, it really helps us – Thanks so much!”


A switched on E.P. is able to be flexible and respond to the needs of the individual in front of us. So we like to check in with the referrer at the time of the referral whether there are any unique requirements for that individual. This ensures that our service is targeting exactly what it needs to, and provides both the client and the referrer with value.

“The exercise physiologists are extremely easy to deal with and take on our concerns and do their best to address them. I couldn’t ask for more. Well done guys!”

“Service is always well tailored to the client, and the use of HRV data has assisted many of my clients greatly.”


And of course we want our service to be of a consistently high standard – so that you always know what you are getting. This feedback wraps it up nicely…

“Always consistent service provision. Thanks!”

We invite all feedback, both positive and constructive! Have you got something you would like to say? Let us know!


Author: Yolanda van Vugt
Editor: Tessa Nielsen
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Content Creator at Specialised


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