🔦 Staff Spotlight: Renee Trevarthen 🔦

The culture of progression, passion and authenticity behind Specialised Health drives all of us to provide quality Exercise Physiology services in the compensable space. We support claimants in achieving their return to work and life goals through specialist exercise and lifestyle prescription while recognising the importance of open communication with all parties involved in the rehab process. We share knowledge with a passion and are made up of exceptional individuals.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: 02 Renee Trevarthen

We welcomed Renee Trevarthen on the Sunshine Coast to Specialised Health earlier this year! In addition to being an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Renee is also a Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor and has previously worked as a Rehab Consultant. But who is Renee?

Why did you choose the Exercise Physiologist career path?

I always knew I wanted to do something where I could help people.I actually originally started studying a Bachelor of Nutrition, but it didn’t quite feel right. After talking with the Head of Human Movement he ensured me that Exercise Physiology would be a rewarding career so I transferred over to Bachelor of Clinical Exercises Physiologist with no regrets.

What are your Ninja Exercise Physiology skills?

My best ninja skills are within treating chronic lower back pain. I suffered back pain as a teenager and so I know how debilitating it can be. After applying my knowledge I have learnt through university and other courses I can say now that I don’t suffer back pain anymore and love bringing that experience to clients.

Do you exercise?

Having an 18 month old sometimes makes it difficult to exercise! My husband, who is also into fitness, will watch our toddler while I get away to exercise. I will get in at least 2 strengthening sessions per week, which are usually circuit type exercises because they’re more time efficient! We do a group exercise session as a family on the weekends, including my son!

Tell us about your most inspirational client

I have too many inspirational clients to pick from! I know as well as anyone how hard it can be sometimes, and it brings so much joy when my clients come back and show me what they have achieved. I love seeing when clients fill out their activity diaries, it really shows me they are putting in the effort.


Food – All Thai food basically, but if I had to choose one, it would be a green curry. I also love a warm pumpkin or sweet potato salad, I have it most days for either lunch or dinner.

Exercise –Again, I don’t have 1 favourite! I prefer strengthening based exercises. I usually take myself through a circuit type program targeting every major muscle group. I pick 5-6 exercises and perform 3-4 rounds. For example: squats, deadlifts, bent over row, bench press, dead bug legs and a bicep curl.

Fact –People don’t realise how good strength training can be for weight (fat) loss. Strength training helps to build muscle while burning energy. The more muscle tissue you have, the more energy you burn. So having a program incorporating both cardiovascular fitness and resistance training is so beneficial for weight loss – not just aerobic exercise!

Fiction – I lovescience fiction movies. I’m a massive marvel movie fan; Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Thor, Avengers this list goes on.

Have you learnt anything new recently?

I’ve been doing some online courses for dementia, so that has been really interesting to see how much physical activity can play a part in reducing the risk of dementia onset.

Do you have a life outside of Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiology is a major factor in my identity, I enjoy working to help people reach their goals. But I do love my family, and my son is a big part of my life.

Your goals for 2019?

Continue to be the best Accredited Exercise Physiologist I can be. I would like to do some courses to increase my knowledge in oncology and women’s health.