🕵️‍♀️ May in Review 🕵️‍♂️

May has been a record month for us with the most referrals received in a month to date!! A massive thank you to our referrers! We are loving working with you.

We have been pushing along with frequent meetings, in-services, roundtables and striving towards company goals to maintain our high standards. Plus, we are providing our followers hot topic education and company insights online!

Feature Articles

Part 2 of our Motivational Interviewing series where we focused more on the practicalities of taking an MI approach.

There are some key differences in using MI techniques within rehab compared to Wellness and Health Coaching. Check out our thoughts here

Chronic Fatigue – What is it?

Here we go through the diagnosis and common treatment and new research coming out.

Managing Chronic Fatigue – Are You Missing Something?
Understand the evidence behind exercise prescription for chronic fatigue management and make sure your fatigue customers are the best support? Compare their conditioning program with our proposed levels (Bare Minimum, Superior, Specialised).
Staff Spotlight 
Brisbane EP Mr Dan Logan


Food – Burgers, all kinds!
Exercise – Cycling and weights. Mainly to work off the burgers.
Fact – A 10% reduction of excess body weight can result in a 50% reduction in osteoarthritis-related knee pain.
Fiction – Game of Thrones…. Does it count if I haven’t read the books, though haha?!

Get to know more about Dan here.

This Month in Social Media

Favourite Social Media Posts

The most popular posts across the platforms were:

🥇 First Place: Dan Logan’s Spotlight on Instagram.(I’m guessing the photos of his dog helped)


🥈Runners Up: 

Two posts tied 2ndplace this month. These were:

Renee Trevarthen’s client demonstrated shoulder rehab exercises that she’d provided him. The exercises go beyond the typical shoulder rotation, pulling and pushing ( 1 dimension) exercises and challenge scapula stability dynamically. See the rest here.

Anthony Yen showed us his 2 favourites to relieve tension around the neck and shoulders. See them both here.

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Focus Areas for May

Each week via our Team Meetings and Roundtables, we discuss what the biggest areas are which we’re going to focus on and improve as a company. This month we looked at:

  • Increasing the amount of exercise occurring in video conference (remote) programs. Customers often want to use these remote sessions as check-ins only so we strategised on how to continue encouraging exercise during these video sessions
  • Minimising cancellations. How to increase adherence and commitment to our programs.
  • Continuing to update and problem solve with Insurers and Rehab Providers regarding relevant changes in our programs – i.e. program adherence, upgrades or barriers encountered.

Staff Updates


Our EP Anirudh Parthiban has stepped up to become NSW Team Leader. Congrats Ani!!

Welcome to Specialised Health!

Hussein Taoube – Exercise Physiologist in Sydney, East, Inner-West and South

That’s it from us. See you all (digitally at least) later this month!