Stay-at-home Activities Outside of Netflix

Staying at home… Working at home… Meetings at home… Coffee dates at home… Date nights at home… Easter at home…

Life a bit more homely than usual?

I got a sneak-peek into the home lives of our EPs.

Through a very long email chain, we got together to share our favourites and hobbies outside of streaming online.


Frith Maunder – Exercise Physiologist, Toowoomba, QLD


Favourite Podcast: The Future of Work.

Favourite Home Exercises: Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Dead Lift, Kettlebell Clean.

Isolation Past-Times: A game called Woody, Monopoly Empire.

Tess Nielsen – Exercise Physiologist, Palmerston North, NZ

Favourite Podcast: The Happiness Lab.

Home Exercises: Burpees and their billion variations (easy 1st), Bear crawls, Supermans, and hip hop dance cardio (for the fun/laughs!).

Isolation Past-Times:  Cooking (inc cooking challenges with family), Wii sports, creating epic playlists, UNO, charades + other practical games (pictionary etc.) and meditation.

James Danos –Melbourne, VIC

Favourite Podcasts: The NAF physio podcast (Aam Meakins), Whoop podcast, TFC Audio project (the foot collective), Elite HRV, Finding Mastery, ABC background briefing/Sporty/Conversations/The Science Show/Little Green Pod/All In the Mind, Gertie’s law, RN Presents, Every Little Thing, Serial, Unravel, Trace.

Favourite Books: The Lost Man by Jane Harper (recent read), Temple by Mat Reilly, Harry Potter.

Favourite Home Exercises: Cycling (home trainer).

Isolation Past-Times: Making stuff (shelves/little fixes), Puzzles, boardgames (Ticket to ride, Codenames, Pandemic ..although we aren’t playing that one currently), Cards (500, Canasta), PS4.


Leonie Oleson – Exercise Physiologist, South Brisbane, QLD

Favourite Podcast: Im a little sad and listen to a few podcasts but netball ones: The goal circle and the inner circle – they r a wrap up of the National comp (Suncorp Super Netball).

Favourite Books:  With 2 kids, I haven’t had much of a chance to read lately, but 2 books I  didenjoy were  PS I Love You and Bark Cutters.

Favourite Home Exercises: Walking/running with the kids on their bikes/scooters, HIIT home circuit and boxing/kickboxing if Hubby is home.

Isolation Past-Times:  Love a good puzzle, sudoku or find a word or a game app called phase 10. Also love playing uno as a family – all versions, uno stacko, uno attack as well as our new one uno flip. And shooting hoops while jumping on the trampoline.


Chantelle Wardini Exercise  Physiologist & Dietician, NorWest Sydney, NSW

Favourite Podcast:  I’ve never listened to a podcast in my life so can’t help you there… I Listen to metal instead 🤘😂.

Favourite Books: i’ve only ever successfully finished the Harry Potters and 50 Shades of grey…I feel trashy writing this.
Books I want to finish but haven’t given myself the time to finish:  Difficult Conversations, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, The barefoot investor (because well recession coming?).

Favourite Home Exercises: I always get distracted and just end up doing housework or work work instead 🤔 My favourite park exercises step-ups or split lunges on a park bench.

Isolation Past-Times: Creating new healthy recipes, labelling and organising things lol, learning how to make new cocktails, buying new plants and then killing them.

Mae Heard – Exercise Physiologist, Auckland, NZ

Favourite Podcast: Ultrarunner or Physioedge.

Favourite Books: I want my life back  by Steve Hamilton,  Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, How I became the fittest woman on earth by Tia Clair Toomey.

Favourite Home Exercises: Burpees, Bulgarian split squat, skipping.

Isolation Past-Times: Reading, painting, sudoku, baking (gluten dairy and sugar free)

Brad McGregor – Clinical Educator and Exercise Physiologist, Brisbane, QLD

Favourite Podcast: Freakonomics radio.

Favourite Books: Any sport-related autobiography.

Favourite Home Exercises: Jefferson curl, ab wheel roll-outs, decline push-ups.

Isolation Past-Times: Watching Seinfeld with my daughters.


Yolanda Van Vugt – Auckland, NZ

Favourite Podcast: Feel better, live more (for a bit of life inspo),  Physio edge podcast, Basic bananas (about marketing for businesses).

Favourite Books: When breath becomes air’ by Paul Kalanithi. Beautifully written autobiography about a brain surgeon diagnosed with terminal cancer (prepare to cry though).

Favourite Home Exercises: Thoracic extension stretch over foam roller.

Isolation Past-Times: Running,  Art/drawing, Eating – haha, Learning guitar (only just started so not very good yet!).


Carmyn Barnes – Christchurch, NZ

Favourite Podcast: All from the Joe Rogan Experience: David Goggins, Ross Edgley, Dr Rhonda Patrick, Joseph Ledoux

Favourite Books:  This Is Going To Hurt” and “Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas” both by Adam Kay, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, American Sniper by Chris Kyle. (P.S. busy reading Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins and I think that this will be in my faves too!).

Favourite Home Exercises: Burpees, Running the staircase, Skipping (rope).

Isolation Past-Times: Puzzle building (busy with a 5000 piece Disney puzzle at the moment 😁), reading, playing Freecell on my phone (So addicted. I have to charge my phone really often).

Anirudh Parthiban – NSW Team Leader and Exercise Physiologist, Norwest Sydney, NSW

Favourite Podcast: Hardcore history – Dan Carlin, 50 things that made the modern economy, Science with Dr Karl.

Favourite Books: Any of the old Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler, A Song of Ice and Fire series, Book of international fairy tales I like to read with my daughter.

Favourite Home Exercises: Toddler Swings (like kettlebell swings but with a 15kg toddler), Pushups, Overhead Toddler Press.

Isolation Past-Times: Figuring out My Daughter’s favourite songs on the guitar. Her taste is eclectic. Gardening, especially growing really hot chilis,  making fermented Chili sauce with the chilis I grew (watching YouTube videos about how to make fermented sauces).

Shara Kinney –  Exercise Physiologist, South-west Sydney

Favourite Podcast:  

Favourite Books:  Not a big reader…something im trying to get better at this year. Working on Barefoot investor these days

Favourite Home Exercises: Burpees,  anything with a booty band – squats, hip extensions etc., running (not at home I guess but outside which we can still do for the time being!)

Isolation Past-Times:  Writing and rehearsing my music, taking an online dance class



Hussein Taoube – Exercise Physiologist, Eastern Sydney

Favourite Podcast:  

Favourite Books:  Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favourite Home Exercises: Boxing/MMA inspired workout (Mainly working on endurance and technical side of various aspects of MMA). Park sessions using resistance bands and dumbbells to target full body.

Isolation Past-Times: Xbox (Call of Duty and Fifa).

Crystal Stavris, Executive Assistant

Favourite Books:  I don’t read, I want to read, I love the idea of reading but I cannot physically absorb much of what I read… the ONLY books I have ever read and couldn’t put down were ‘A child called IT, the lost boy and a man named Dave’ which I read (and wept) over and over in my teens and early 20s… the other (can’t believe I am owning this) was the twilight series LOL.. and I daily read my bible.

I am more of a writer, I love writing… it is the ONLY thing I can do without getting distracted. So journaling, letters, etc are my thing.

Favourite Home Exercises: Another thing I want to love but don’t…. gosh I am seeing a trend here… but it would be going for jogs. Is that a home exercise? If not, I do (kind of) like HIIT workouts, yoga….. dancing.. I do love dancing… I don’t do a very good job… it is usually with the kids… so like, stupid dancing.

Isolation Past-Times: Board games, LOVE playing board games/family games/games nights, thankfully my husband does too and he seems to handle my unnecessary aggression quite well. I also love sketching and colouring in, I outlast my kids…😎. I love writing, always have.. it is my outlet, wish I had more time to do it.. Video games with my brothers (but more so Mario / Donkey Kong kind of games lol). Organising stuff (I love this way too much. Yet nothing ever seems organised?). Watching Disney movies… The beach in any weather and bush walks…. When insects and snakes hide. Still trying to teach myself the piano, that is something I enjoy.


Renee Trevarthen – Exercise Physiologist, Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane, QLD

Favourite Podcast: Joe Rogan Podcast.

Favourite Books: I honestly don’t get a chance to read books with a crazy toddler… cant even remember the last book I read. Actually it was probably a preparing for having a child book hahaha!

Favourite Home Exercises: Squats, Core – legs in tabletop toe taps, Any lower back stretches to keep my back moving.

Isolation Past-Times: Love looking after my veggie garden and picking all the fresh fruit and veggies.


Luisa Coluccio – Exercise Physiologist, Adelaide, SA

Favourite Books: The Infidel – Ayaan Hirsi Ali,  The F Word – Virginia Trioli, Odyssey – Homer.

Favourite Home Exercises: Boxing, Wide and narrow weighted squats, Yoga (my yoga studio is live streaming all classes now via Zoom)

Isolation Past-Times:  COOKING! Lasagne, Indian, Baking (love the memories it brings back of cooking with my grandparents), re-watching 2004 AFL grand final, reading.

Biara Webster – Exercise Physiologist and Content Manager

Favourite Podcast: Bulletproof  Radio

Favourite Books: Beauty by Sheri Tepper, Timeline by Michael Crichton , His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, Jodi Picolt if I feel like crying.

Favourite Home Exercises: Pushups (love-hate relationship, I suck at them right now and want to get better), single-leg hip raise, skipping rope, skaters lunge, “running man” lunges, running preferably in the bush.

Isolation Past-Times: Making daily exercise videos for Specialised Health 🤣, reading, sudoku, Pictionary but my family have given up on playing with me, probably because I win too much, 500 (cards), not great at drawing so I sometimes colour in other people’s drawings. I’m overdue for a jig-saw puzzle. I have a big list of new things I want to learn 😏.


From all of us at Specialised Health,

Happy Easter.

Stay home, stay safe, and stay sane (exercise, sunshine, connect)


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