🕵️‍♀️August in Review 🕵️‍♂️ - Specialised Health
September 6, 2019 specialisedhealth

🕵️‍♀️August in Review 🕵️‍♂️

We’ve had a massive month!
Lots of clinical roundtables and in-services happening in-house this month on top of the provision of our usual specialised conditioning programs PLUS
we also officially welcomed our New Zealand team!

Keep scrolling! See the month’s education topics, social media posts, staff spotlight and a sneak peak behind the scenes.

This Month’s Education

In case you missed our online posts and emails you can click the links below:

Published – Feature Articles

  • One of the buzz words within the rehabilitation world at the moment is “Neuroplasticity.” But what is it? And what does exercise have to do with it?

  • Everyone knows that exercise is pretty awesome, but so there is no confusion about why it’s important, what it is and how much you should do, we have it all laid out here
Plus, watch our Social Media channels for smaller educational posts!

Staff Spotlight

Canterbury, NZ

Carmyn’s Ninja Skills

🐱‍👤 Cancer 🐱‍👤 Cardiac 🐱‍👤 Mental Health  🐱‍👤 Hip Joint

Carmyn’s Favourites

Food – I LOVE, love eating!! But if I had to choose one off the top of my head it would have to be muesli and yoghurt with lots of seeds, nuts and strawberries! Another favourite food is peanut butter, with apples or carrots.. or a spoon!

Exercise – Swimming. Prescribing and performing.
Personally, it provides me with the cardiovascular fitness that benefits me in all of my other types of exercise, and there is just nothing like the feeling of gliding through the water. As an EP, so many people can benefit from swimming and they don’t even know it. It’s low impact, good for strength and cardio!

Fact – A 3-year-old boy’s voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant (I also work at a preschool and I can most definitely attest to this!!)

Fiction – Definitely a toss-up between Remember the Titans and The Guardian (movies). As for books – This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay is brilliant and hilarious (it isn’t fiction, but I wish I’d forget the whole book just so that I can read it again!).

Exercise Myth Buster – Squats give you a booty. I find squats destroy my quads more than my glutes! They are a great functional/whole body exercise but there are so many better exercises you can do for a booty to specifically target the glutes, one example is hip thrust variations.

Read more about Carmyn here.


This Month in Social Media

Favourite Social Media Posts

The most popular posts across the platforms were:

🥇 First Place:

Interview with The Man – Brad details our Breaking News:  Specialised Health’s expansion to NZ!

🥈Runner Up:  SMS from a client of NSW Team Leader and EP, Anirudh Parthiban

Nice work Ani!!!

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Behind the Scenes

Internal Education 

Every fortnight we roundtable challenging cases and we run various clinical in-services regularly as week! This month our team discussed:

  • Strategies for Mental Health cases struggling with motivation and adherence
  • Prescription options for ankle mobilisation
  • Motivational Interviewing & Goal Setting

Focus Areas for August

Each week during Team Meetings we discuss what the biggest areas are which we’re going to focus on and improve as a company. This month we looked at:

  • Being aware of when your rehab approach is not being as effective as it could be. Be open to changing approaches and removing the clinical blinkers
  • We need to continue doubling down on our area of specialty as EPs which is testing and increasing functional strength and functional capacity. We need to keep our reports focusing in on this information and make sure the rest of the rehab team is aware of improvements when they’re happening.
  • Keep thinking outside the usual rehab box! Be lateral in our approach and be creative when needing to overcome challenging barriers to progression. We need to remember that a true biopsychosocial program supporting Return to Work and Return to Life requires an individualised approach. With individual physical requirements and goals for every person, our programs need to be exactly that… individual
  • Practice concise report writing. Folks are as excited to read a long-winded report as we are to write it. Be concise, be targeted and bring VALUE every time we put pen to paper.

Staff Updates

We already welcomed our NZ Staff

Carmyn Barnes – Christchurch
Vishal Nagar – Wellington
Mae Heard –  Auckland
Laura Lush – South Auckland & Hamilton
Tessa Nielsen – Palmerston North & Kapiti

To our EP and Dietician Chantelle Wardini who recently delivered her first beautiful baby girl! Chantelle will be on maternity leave for a few months.

Big Aussie Welcome to
Tom Hall – Bella Vista, NSW

That’s All Folks!
That’s all from us. Hope you had a great month too! See you (digitally at least) in September!