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September 6, 2019 specialisedhealth

🤔 Question Time – Ask us anything!


                              Brad Domek                                                                Biara Webster
Director and EP                                                    Content Manager and EP

From Brad:
Fingers crossed if you’ve been following the articles we’re putting out, here in our weekly emails as well as on LinkedIn and Instagram, you would be noticing that our true north star is solely to provide VALUE for our customers and clients alike. We’re working hard to be useful as educators on different topics related to exercise and the industry we work in, compensable rehab, and it’s our hope that our readers continue to see this information as valuable.

SO… while we try to anticipate what it is that you, the reader, might want to know and we can guess pretty well what’s on the minds of our audience we thought it was about time that we asked you “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?”

I want to encourage everyone who reads this to dig up any of those burning questions about EP and send them through for either myself or our fabulous Content Manager, Biara Webster, whom you’ve all gotten to know over the last 6 months, to answer.

These can be on anything exercise related. How do I encourage my client to exercise? How does exercise help depression? What’s the difference between an EP and a Personal Trainer? How do I get a six pack?

Take it wherever you want and don’t shy away from the hard hitting, tough, no holds barred questions and we’ll answer them to help YOU understand more about how EP can help you and your clients, as well as when it WON’T.

On one hand, Exercise Physiology is a very young industry, one that is still fighting for recognition and it’s place in the allied health world. But on the other hand EP as a service is quite “bubbly” and, especially in the Life Insurance scheme at the moment, it is being thrown at every condition under the sun in the hope that it will be the silver bullet to cure all. So is it all a fad? Another get-fit-quick infomercial promising but never delivering? Is there going to be merit in using EPs 20 years from now? Feel free to ask and we’ll do our best to answer.

Whilst I am your typical, one-eyed, completely biased, true believer and personal practitioner of all things exercise, I’m also a realist and I know that the “market” ultimately decides what is the most valuable service.  How we show the “market” that our service is one that should be consistently used is a question that I grapple with constantly and the one answer that I fall back on over and over is: “Just continue providing value. Every step of the way and SHOW through education, actions and results, not smoke and mirrors, just why exercise physiology as a service is so valuable.”

So, fire away, ask any question you want and we’ll continue to bring value by answering either directly back to you or through an article so that both yourself and the community as a whole can benefit from our question and answer exchange.

We’ll keep every question confidential (unless of course it’s a public comment in a social channel) just so that you can ask those hard hitting questions without fear of judgement.

To ask your question either email us directly at



or comment on a post in one of our channels below.

Help us continue to help you!!