🕵️‍♂️ September 2020 Review 🕵️‍♀️

September has been a busy month for us, with lots of internal changes, old staff, new staff, new locations.

And we’re still writing blogs for you, with snippets on Linked In, Facebook and Instagram.
  Yes! They’re for you, so please let us know if there are any topics you would like to read more about!

Hopefully you’ve noticed our videos, too? – What do you think?

Enjoy your scoll down as you see all of our September in one spot.

Some Recent Articles

Pain. It’s a natural part of life. But when it’s constant, it doesn’t feel natural.  To better understand

what goes wrong with pain, let’s start with what’s right about it.

Need some motivation and inspiration?  – Don’t miss this!

This is a case study disguised as a blog.
It includes an inspirational interview with our Melbourne EP Jen Smallridge, OnePath Rehab Consultant Hannah Dunne, and customer Ben. Plus we have some downloadable PDFs for you as well.

Staff Spotlight – September

Tessa Nielsen

 Exercise Physiologist

Location: Rotorua, NZ

Tessa’s Ninja Skills

🐱‍👤‍ Mental Health
🐱‍👤 Burpees

Tessa’s Faves

🍣 Food –  Anything Asian
💓Exercise –  I love doing HIIT. HIIT of all kinds. It’s the ultimate dose of “you can do this” for me personally.
🚀Fact   There is a mountain on Mars three times the height of Everest!
😃 Fiction   Up (guilty cartoon pleasure, but so wholesome!)
💪 Myth Buster  –   “No pain, no gain”
In most situations, a well-balanced routine with gradual progression is 100% more beneficial than not being able to walk for days following EVERY leg session.

How did you survive the lockdown, and do you have any tips for the Australians?

Honestly, I baked A LOT and then exercised A LOT because “balance”. Although I don’t think I quite nailed that balance. . .

Get to know more about Tessa here.

Most Social on the Socials

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We’re posting interesting facts, regular infographics of recent cases -their results and how they got there, and each week you’ll meet a new member of our staff.
So far we’ve introduced about 25% of us!

Favourite Social Media Posts

🥇 First Place – Jen and Ben’s 1-minute teaser video

See! That’s what we were saying before!

Definitely worth your time, especially if you have mental health customer or a customer where face to face appointments aren’t feasible.

🥈 Second Place – Shara’s Win

Shara helped a claimant with an elbow fracture return to work as a handyman.

Nice work Shara! Thanks for being on our team 💪

🤩 For more Case Study WINS you can search and follow #specialisedhealthwins on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram 

It was a close comp! To vote for your favourite post share, like or comment on our posts.
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Behind the Scenes

We have weekly team meetings and fortnightly roundtables of challenging cases AND we run various clinical in-services regularly as well!
Here’s what we’ve been focusing on:

 Internal Education 

  • Strategies to assist when anxiety symptoms cause fear in increasing exercise intensity
  • New research regarding resistance training for mental health
  • Supporting self-efficacy
  • HRV use in fatigue management
  • Assessing pain beliefs
  • Motivational interviewing to empower the client owning choices and behaviours

Team Focus Areas for September

  • Brain-storming how to keep travel costs lower
  • Optimising communications with GPs
  • Prioritise team work with case managers and rehab providers
  • Recording case statistics
  • Focusing on the 6 domains of injured persons (physical & mental health, experience& accessibility, wellbeing, cost of healthcare, safety & quality of healthcare, provider capability, delivery & experience)

 Staff Changes

  • Welcome to our new Sydney EP, Aidan McFarland – he is covering Western Sydney and comes to use after 5 years of working as a Rehab Consultant, so we are excited to get some more tips on how we can help RCs even more!
  • Congratulations to Melbourne EP, James Danos with his new role as Senior EP.
  • NZ EP Tessa Nielen has relocated to Rotorua and has capacity for more referrals in the area!
  • We said a sad goodbye to NSW Team Manager Ani Parthiban, he’s been a critical character in Specialised Health for the last 2+ years and we wish him all the best!

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