The Importance of Training and Lessons from One of the Best

In today’s video I wanted to talk a bit about training and education and the importance as an EP of being a really good educator for our clients in order to elicit better results.

A lot of the time our clientele don’t necessarily have a strong background in training or in exercising and the concepts of strength training, conditioning, movement pattern training, functional movement etc etc, they’re super foreign concepts to a lot of our clients. So, the importance of being able to translate those pieces of terminology or these theories into relatable and understandable concepts is really key to achieving good outcomes and helping them understand what the point is that they’re doing the exercises and what they should be expecting as a result of doing them.

On more of a personal note, this concept was reiterated to me recently. I was lucky enough, and I’m sure June would be happy with me mentioning this, to sit in on an internal AMP training presentation that June Khaw delivered to the AMP Case Managers where she used a “buy-in” technique to get engagement from the audience. June knew her audience, knew who was in the crowd and knew them on a personal level so she incorporated a technique, which I think was just really cool, where she would give a gift or a reward for people that would answer a question and it was a gift that was on a personal level with the audience member. What it did was really help them to engage in that training session because it made it relevant to them and it was personal to them. It was just one of the training presentations that I’ve been privy to recently that really hit home with the audience and I heard afterwards from a lot of the guys there that it was one of the better training presentations they’d been to as well.

The key takeaway i took from this is just really focusing on the importance of knowing your audience, knowing who you’re chatting to and knowing what makes them tick in order to be able to deliver your information or your education in a way that makes it resonate. Such an important point to remember with everything you’re doing as an exercise physiologist when aiming to educate your clients and get awesome results.

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