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September 6, 2019 specialisedhealth

🔦 Staff Spotlight 🔦 – Dan Logan

The culture of progression, passion and authenticity behind Specialised Health drives all of us to provide quality Exercise Physiology services in the compensable space. We support claimants in achieving their return to work and life goals through specialist exercise and lifestyle prescription while recognising the importance of open communication with all parties involved in the rehab process. We share knowledge with a passion and are made up of exceptional individuals.

As a part of my role, I get to pry into the lives of these individual’s and share them with you! Biara Webster, Exercise Physiologist and Content Manager, Specialised Health


Queensland EP, Dan Logan has been with us for 14 months now. Feels like longer! He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement (Exercise Science) and is also the reigning Queensland Cycling Criterium Champion and often attends our company video meetings on his bike! Prior to entering the rehab profession Dan’s passions lay within the strength and conditioning for athletes.

For those non cyclists like me, a Criterium is a circuit race, usually over a set time or number of laps. So Dan is currently the fastest Queenslander in his age group. 

Why did you choose the Exercise Physiologist career path?

I chose the Human Movement degree as I had always been interested in sports growing up and had been (somewhat) athletic. The idea of making a career out of sport and exercise seemed like a natural progression. I was initially interested in strength and conditioning and working with athletes but soon found myself leaning towards the injury rehabilitation aspect of the sporting arena. I think I have evolved as a clinician and now focus on helping everyday people get back to what they love doing.

What are your Ninja Exercise Physiology skills?

I would say my background firmly centres around musculoskeletal rehabilitation. I thoroughly enjoy the physical and mental challenges associated with helping people with both acute and chronic pain and helping them learn to live their lives again.

Do you exercise?

I average about 300km on the bike per week and will generally get about 3 resistance training workouts in per week. I also have a husky, Luna, who loves to take me on runs!
I race bikes year-round but will generally do a triathlon or two in the summer and try to squeeze in a half marathon in the winter if I get time.

Tell us about your most inspirational client

I have had several clients that have really made me appreciate what we do as Exercise Physiologists, it’s hard to pick just one. These people have had a plethora of serious medical conditions and have shown incredible fortitude, determined to use exercise as a medium to turn their lives around.


Food – Burgers What sort of burger? The lot? All kinds!

Exercise – Cycling and weights. Mainly to work off the burgers

Fact – A 10% reduction of excess body weight can result in a 50% reduction in osteoarthritis-related knee pain

Fiction – Game of Thrones…. Does it count if I haven’t read the books, though haha?! Yes!!!

Have you learnt anything new recently?

I have several clients who are experiencing fatigue symptoms in conjunction with chronic pain, and having been upskilled by Brad Domek and Brad McGregor at Specialised Health about measuring Heart Rate Variability to manage fatigue, I have been researching more into this. HRV can be utilised to monitor the load, how the autonomic nervous system responds to the load and therefore the individual’s recoverability. This is helping the clients better manage their symptoms and improve their functional capacity.

NB readers: Watch out for this month’s article about Fatigue, Specialised Health and HRV! 

Do you have a life outside of Exercise Physiology?

As depressing as it may sounds, other than searching for the best burger in Brisbane and watching GoT my life outside of Exercise Physiology largely centres around exercise. I definitely try to practice what I preach regarding the physical and mental benefits of physical activity.

That’s not depressing! Other occupations are allowed to exercise outside of work so we can too! Also harder to be depressed about it with all the endorphins and BDNF exercise gives you! 

Your goals for 2019?

I’m a highly motivated person and can sometimes struggle with my work-life balance. I have been trying to work less, unsuccessfully so far!

Well lucky for you Dan, you should be on the right track now after reading our Motivational Interviewing and Goal Setting tips last month! 

Contact Dan

Dan is based in the Eastern suburbs of Brisbane and can be contacted on daniel@specialisedhealth.com.au