3 Tips to Build Capacity

Today I want to talk about one of the big things that EP’s do or should be doing all the time, which is building capacity. I wanted to give the three main points, or three biggest steps, that need to be focused on to build someone’s capacity.

First thing is that you should be super clear on the goal, or the requirements, the physical requirements. What are you shooting for? Whether that’s in the workplace, whether that’s at home, what’s the biomechanical demands or the physical task requirements of what it is that you’re shooting for, all the individual tasks.

The second step: Where are you at, at the moment? Where’s the patient at, at the moment? What’s their current capacity? What are they capable of doing right now? You’ve got your start point, you’ve got your end point.

The third point for building capacity is what’s the gaps? Being really clear on, this is where they’re at at the moment, this where they need to get to, therefore these are all the physical abilities I need to create in my programme in order to build capacity.

They’re the three main steps. They’re the three things that all EP’s should be focusing on in order to build a patient’s capacity.

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