🔦 Staff Spotlight 🔦 - Shara Kinney - Specialised Health
September 6, 2019 specialisedhealth

🔦 Staff Spotlight 🔦 – Shara Kinney

The culture of progression, passion and authenticity behind Specialised Health drives all of us to provide quality Exercise Physiology services in the compensable space. We support claimants in achieving their return to work and life goals through specialist exercise and lifestyle prescription while recognising the importance of open communication with all parties involved in the rehab process. We share knowledge with a passion and are made up of exceptional individuals.

As a part of my role, I get to pry into the lives of these individual’s and share them with you! Biara Webster, Exercise Physiologist and Content Manager, Specialised Health

STAFF SPOTLIGHT #5: Shara Kinney

June 2019

Shara is new to Specialised Health, coming to us 5 months ago all the way from Perth. She holds a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology and Exercise Science. She has a wide range of experience, from rehabilitation in athletes to a clinical setting including cardiovascular rehab, post-surgery, osteoporosis and dementia. Shara also has some other hidden talents outside of exercise physiology, she’s connected with the EP acronym in more ways than one… read on!

Why did you choose the Exercise Physiologist career path?

I find the human body amazing, learning about it and the intricacies of how it works, and I wanted to learn more about being able to help people move and function to the best they can be. It is such a rewarding field of work, helping people get to the root of their impairments, and how to improve their quality of life. The field is always developing and changing, and no two clients are the same.

I love promoting exercise and health and educating people on how they can live their best life and achieve goals, it’s an amazing position to have.

What are your Ninja Exercise Physiology skills?

I have a lot of experience working with shoulder injuries. When I started doing exercise physiology, back in Perth, I worked with a lot of injured professional boxers and became known for my skills in that area. I became proficient in shoulder rehab and successful at supporting these athletes back to their fitness and returning to full training.Now with Specialised Health I’m looking forward to applying this more to other functional tasks whether this be for claimant’s sport, hobbies, ADLs or work.

I am also confident in Cardiovascular rehab, having worked with the high-risk population at Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Do you exercise?

I couldn’t function without exercise! I love to mix it up, my weekly routine usually includes a couple days of endurance running, strength lifting weights, HIIT, and then a dance class at least once a week. Combining that with a beach walk or hiking adventure on the weekend… I’m not the best at sitting still for too long! It’s hard to beat that exercise-high.

Tell us about your most inspirational client

I worked with a young autistic girl in paediatric rehab while I was training to be an exercise physiologist. She was classified as ‘non-verbal’ and didn’t communicate very well or give much feedback in her exercise sessions. Knowing she liked basketball and gymnastics, I tailored an exercise program around these themes, and encouraged her to communicate with me while we exercised/played. After 8 weeks, her father told me that she has been talking more than she ever has, and that her communication with me has been more than any other practitioner she has been involved with. She was smiling, enjoying herself, and chatting to me, and I watched that little girl’s confidence increase to new levels that I hadn’t expected in such a short time period! It was by far one of the most special programs I have been a part of.


Food – Chocolate covered pretzels or strawberries – an absolute guilty pleasure

Exercise – An awesome jazz class – there’s no better high! Or a HIIT class – quick and hardcore!

Fact – Women who exercise moderately (3-5 hrs/week at an average pace) after a breast cancer diagnosis have approx. 40-50% lower risks of breast cancer recurrence, or death from breast cancer compared to sedentary women.

Great stat, thanks Shara! Our next feature article is actually regarding cancer and exercise! Keep an eye out! 

Fiction – Most recently, the Avengers Marvel series. My friend and I binge watched all the movies before End Game came out, and needless to say, I was hooked from day one.

Solid effort Shara – I believe that’s about 48 hours of 22 movies!

Have you learnt anything new recently?

Specialised Health upskills all EPs in fatigue management. We get a lot of referrals for clients suffering fatigue. I’m looking forward to working with some clients in this area and helping them live the best quality of life they can!

Great to hear! If you’d like a bit more insight into what Shara has been learning you can check out our articles here: CFS- Part 1 and CFS-Part 2.

Do you have a life outside of Exercise Physiology?

Along with living the exercise physiology life, trying to impact as many people as I can through movement, I am also pursuing a music career as a singer/songwriter! In January I released my first song on digital downloads (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc) and I have 2 more on the way this year! ‘Shara Rose’ is my stage name for anyone wanting a sneaky listen 😉.

Your goals for 2019?

1) Become the strongest, fittest version of myself; learn and work with some new clients and impact their lives in the best ways I can. 
2) A successful release of my next 2 tracks and all that comes with that!

Area of service: South West and Western Suburbs of Sydney

Contact Shara

Email: shara@specialisedhealth.com.au
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/shara-kinney-329613­93
Music: https://www.shararosemusic.com/