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October 2, 2019 specialisedhealth

🕵️‍♀️September in Review 🕵️‍♂️

Three quarters through 2019 already!? September was an exciting month for Specialised Health. Other than continuing rehabilitation programs, prioritising communication, weekly staff meetings and publishing education pieces, we introduced our sister company Reva Wellness!

Reva Wellness

You know already that Specialised Health specialises in occupational conditioning programs – guiding the client’s fitness to return to work and life, and keeping them there.

Reva Wellness is focused on prevention!

We offer corporate wellness programs to improve employees’ health and wellbeing which is associated with improved morale, increased productivity and less sick days!

Services include Fatigue management, Ergonomics, Dietetics & Nutrition, Mindfulness courses, Yoga/Pilates, Manual Handling (with the Reva Wellness difference) and Corporate Challenges.

To stay up to date you can have Reva Wellness at your fingertips here:

…Back to the rest of the month!

In case you missed any of Specialised Health’s online posts and emails you can click the links below to access the original articles:

Published Education

  • Wellness

Following on from August’s article Exercise 101, covering the basic of exercise, this month we dug a little deeper:
Cardio & Strength training: the what, the why and the how with bonus fun facts and myth busters!
  • Rehab

This is a trick question!  Although, the terminology is important!
Read a summary of the current understanding of what Persistent Pain is, the number one mistake support parties can make when trying to support and educate the client and the top two ways exercise helps!
Heard of “yellow flags” but not exactly sure what they are? We go through all the coloured flags and what the BPS model is all about plus the top 3 mistakes to avoid!!
  • Q&A

We often get asked questions, so we thought we’d share our answers! This is our first public release! Thanks for your question!
Weight loss for executive function disorders

Q: Do you have any exercise strategies you would recommend for a weight management program for patients who have a disorder of executive function, depression and social anxiety?

Executive Function can be compromised in numerous conditions such as ADHD (hyperactive and inattentive), learning disabilities. stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety, fatigue and brain injuries.

For client’s with these conditions, it is often not about WHAT type of exercise is prescribed but more so HOW it’s prescribed.

Our recommended strategies detailed:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Planning
  3. Exercise prescription

Staff Spotlight

Luisa’s Ninja Skills

🐱‍👤 Cancer
🐱‍👤 Dual qualified Occupational Therapist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Luisa’s Favourites

🍗 Food –  Cotolette (Italian chicken cutlets – my mum’s is the best of course!)

🏋️‍♀️Exercise –  High resistance weights. I was amazed with the level of the strength I was able to build in my own body.

🍌Fact –  Bananas are classified as berries!

💏 Fiction – The Notebook

💪 Exercise Myth Buster  – Women will get bulky lifting weights (Not!) – so many of my friends didn’t believe it, so I proved it within myself.

Read more about Luisa here

This Month in Social Media

Favourite Social Media Posts

The most popular posts across the platforms were:

🥇 First Place: Myth Buster!!

🥈Runner Up:  A photo of our EP earlier this year with her client in the hydrotherapy pool who was involved in a traumatic MVA, experiencing chronic pain.

“Divine is the task to relieve pain” – Hippocrates

– Less weight/less pressure
– Easier movements
– Relaxing water temperature for sore muscles
– Hydrostatic pressure, supporting blood flow.
⚠️ Don’t spend too long in there as it can be easy to overwork!!

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Behind the Scenes

Internal Education

Every fortnight we roundtable challenging cases and we run various clinical in-services regularly as a well! This month our team discussed:

  • Management of headaches
  • The role of Mindfulness in rehab and wellness
  • Reducing training volume for a client with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / Body Dysmorphia

Focus Areas for September 

Each week during Team Meetings we discuss what the biggest areas are which we’re going to focus on and improve as a company. This month we looked at:

  • How to comment more specifically on work capacity
  • Progress reporting – what are the important points to showcase
  • The importance of case conferencing and building relationships with GPs
  • Writing shorter reports

Staff Changes

To our EP and VIC/SA Team Leader, Kristin Hoogenbosch who recently delivered her second little boy Leo Thomas Hoogenbosch!

That’s All Folks!
That’s all from us. Hope you had a great month too! See you (digitally at least) in October!

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