Returning to Work after a Brain Injury

This week, we have a look at a key exercise that we are using to help a client with a brain injury get prepared for a return back into the workforce.

Now given this client is going to be moving from his pre-MVA sedentary role into some more labour intensive duties, he is going to need to have a very strong posterior chain, which includes:
-the scapular retractors
-trunk extensors
-the glutes
-the hamstrings

This deadlift movement is a great exercise which targets those muscle groups and trains them in a really functional way. So,note:
-the nice straight spinal position
-big emphasis on flexing and extending at the hip joint, which ensures that the glutes and the hamstrings are really the prime movers throughout this action.

The principles from this movement pattern can be used during any lifting task through the day and will ensure the body is strong enough to handle any repetitive or heavy lifting required.

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