How to feel 40 at 76. A lesson in strength and resilience.

While this story will be most relevant for the CTP insurers out there, the Rehab Providers that are working in the CTP space and those who are working with a client who’s had an amputation, the lessons learnt in this rehab process can be wide and far reaching.

Our Western Sydney Exercise Physiologist, Sebastian Cruzado, has been working with Farrell Steyn, a 76 year old (yes, in the video above i do say he’s 78… sorry Farrell) gentleman living in the heart of the western suburbs of Sydney, Mt Druitt. Farrell’s happy with us sharing a little bit about his story and for us to show a little bit of vision captured throughout his programme and after being involved with Farrell myself in the earlier days of his strengthening program I wanted to write this article to focus on not so much the amputation itself, the injury that he sustained, the rehab that followed or what we’ve been doing with him but more talk about Farrell himself and the attitude that he’s applied, which has been a constant throughout Farrell’s life.

Born in the 1940’s and growing up in the racially charged environment of South Africa in the 50’s and 60’s, Farrell is someone who should look older than he is. At 76 years old he puts most 40 year olds to shame with his strength and power. After being a self-confessed trouble maker in his teens, Farrell hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol for 40 years and has instead devoted the better part of his life to the Church and helping others find their way.

A builder, concreter, tiler and all-round handyman, Farrell has been physical throughout his whole life. He looks strong, he looks fit and he moves better than most 76 year olds, let alone a 78 year old that’s had an above knee amputation.

As Exercise Physiologists, when we preach to people the benefits of staying strong, fit and functional it can often feel like an insurance policy, something that costs you in the short term in terms of energy and time to prevent against an illness, injury or disease that may never occur. However, testament to a life lived based around physicality and movement, when Farrell experienced this latest significant setback in life, the thing that has helped him through the rehab process is the work he did before the fact. Applying a great attitude to the rehab process the same way as he has lived his life, being strong and active.

Despite multiple bulging discs in his lower back, unrepaired torn rotator cuffs in each shoulder and now an amputated leg, Farrell continues to put others to shame with his abilities.

Continue to remind your clients to stay strong, stay active, stay functional, it will pay off.

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