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Published Education

  • Wellness
1. Lifestyle 2. Massage 3. Focus 4. Connect 5. Question
Well…sort of.
We go through the maths behind “10,000 steps.” Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s OK to do less.
  • Rehab

HRV. Our Secret Weapon. It measures physiological stress, playing a role in chronic fatigue, chronic pain and mental health. Read more about it here.
  • Bonus Feature
 A Case Study with our QLD EP Leonie Olsen taking Rick through his post-cancer RTW & Life program.
  • Q&A
We often get asked questions, so we thought we’d share our answers.
October Q&A:

Menopause, Health and Exercise 

Our Answer: The changes that come with menopause increase the risk of various health conditions and exercise helps to alleviate these risks as well as help to manage some symptoms. Read the article to find out how.

Staff Spotlight



📍 Location: Brisbane, QLD
Brad’s Ninja Skills
🐱‍👤 Complex musculoskeletal conditions
🐱‍👤 Mental health

Brad’s Favourites

🦪 Food –  I’ll eat almost anything, but I do love oysters

🏃‍♂️Exercise – I Love the endorphin rush from weight training & the mental acuity that running gives me. I discovered at uni that if I went for a run before attempting an assignment, I would finish it in half the time.

🧠 Fact – Just 20 mins of aerobic exercise will start “lighting up” the cerebral cortex which in turn enhances cognition & working memory.

🐴 Fiction   I grew up on a farm, so I still love The Man from Snowy River

💥 Exercise Myth Buster  –  HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the only way to reduce body fat – NOT

Read more about Brad here

This Month in Social Media

Favourite Social Media Posts

The most popular posts across the platforms were:

🥇 First Place: Shara’s exercise video on Specialised Health’s Instagram

🥈Runner Up: James’ video on LinkedIn

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Behind the Scenes

Internal Education 

Every fortnight we roundtable challenging cases and we run various clinical in-services regularly as well! This month our team discussed:

  • Cancer complications (bowel resection & incontinence)
  • Progressing from hydrotherapy to land-based exercises
  • BPS & Back pain
  • Biceps tendon rupture

Focus Areas for October 

Each week during Team Meetings we discuss what the biggest areas are which we’re going to focus on and improve as a company. This month we looked at:

  • How we respond to suicidal ideation. A situation we’re confronted with more often than we’d like
  • Enhancing our individual online presence. Despite all being great EPs “you are who Google says you are”, therefore, we want to make sure that we do all of our EPs justice and have their Linkedin and Website bios up to date and reflecting the experience they all possess.
  • Improving our work specific testing in all assessments as well as making sure there are always work related exercises within all supervised sessions

Staff Changes

  • Frith Maunder (Toowoomba, QLD)
That’s All Folks!
That’s all from us. Hope you had a great month too! See you (digitally at least) in November.

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