Nurses That Lift

Hi, this is Brad from Specialised Health. This week we take a look at one particular exercise that we’ve been using to help an Enrolled Nurse return to some heavy patient transferring duties, particularly helping with moving a patient from a seated into a standing position. Check it out.

This exercise is typically called a bent-over row. It’s a great exercise that can be used to teach the client to activate the hamstrings, glutes and core while in a sustained, forward-flexed position.

The transfer task in the workplace requires a nurse to hook one arm in with a patient’s arm and pull them from their seat into a standing position. Therefore, the repetitive push-pull movement used here is training the upper body to pull with force, while the trunk and the legs maintain a stooped position.

The next progression from here would be to have the client simultaneously stand while performing the pull movement, and raise from that forward-flex position using the glutes and hamstrings as the prime movers, rather than the lower back.

Stay tuned for a look at the success of this progression. Thank for watching.

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