🕵️‍♂️ March in Review 🕵️‍♀️ - Specialised Health
September 6, 2019 specialisedhealth

🕵️‍♂️ March in Review 🕵️‍♀️

First Quarter of the year down already! We are continuing to rocket forward with new programs and new staff as well as continuing the pleasure of working our long-term preferred partners.

This Month in the Media

  • Last month, Director, Brad Domek was featured on Exercise and Sports Science Australia’s Business Network podcast explaining the work that EPs are doing in the Life Insurance space. It was released a few days ago! Check it out here
  • As promised, EP Jen Smallridge’s article in ESSA’s MOVE Magazine “My Experience in Life Insurance” about her experience as an EP in the Life Insurance sector has been released. Check Jen’s article out here.

This Month’s Education

In case you missed our online posts and emails last month you can click the links below:

Staff Spotlight

Renee Trevarthen , QLD

Favourite Social Media Post

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The most popular posts across the platforms were:

  • Runner Up: The most popular post through both Facebook and LinkedIn was Michael and Biara’s  Stroke and Exercise article discussing the hows and why’s of exercising after a Stroke.

Our Focus Areas For March

Each week we run clinical “Roundtables” and “Team Meetings” where our EPs all discuss ways we can improve our service and continue upp’ing our game as the no. 1 premium Exercise Physiology service in the country. Here’s what came from our chats in March:

  1. It’s imperative to maintain frequent communication with Rehab Providers:
    – Before Initial Assessments to align rehab direction and goals
    – After any Progress Assessments to discuss, debrief and continue aligning rehab direction
    – Prior to the last 2 sessions of the program to reinforce the self-management plan and empower the RP to help the client manage without us
  2. We want to request more feedback after the closure of programs from our clients/customers, Case Managers, Injury Management Advisors, Rehab Providers, Occupational Therapists and other parties involved in claims to ensure we’re always providing value through our service***Note to Readers***

    If you would like to provide unsolicited feedback this is always welcome and appreciated! Email or call Director Brad Domek – brad@specialisedhealth.com.au  0405 321 406 or fill out this survey any time you’d like


Thanks agains to OnePath for having Director, Brad Domek, and EPs Anirudh Parthiban and Chantelle Wardini in to chat to Claims Assessors about how Exercise Physiology based health and wellness programs can be used to help customers in their recovery journey… In between the smoothie drinking and strength competitions!

Who knew the finance department was so strong!! Check out Brad’s Linkedin post here

Programs – New and Exciting! 

We are excited to announce that our Reconnect program which is a 4 week wellness program for mental health client’s is underway with a leading Life Insurer. We’re helping to kick start their rehab process by focusing on 4 key pillars of health being Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Stress Management.

We’ve had pleasing results already with the first customer of the program reporting a 23% increase in their perceptions of function after the 4 week program. Well done to our Adelaide EP Tessa Thurston!

Staff Changes

Administration Staff

  • Welcome Cathy Barakat, who’s helping during Crystal’s maternity leave


  • Brad McGregor will continue as our awesome EP in Brisbane but steps into our newly created Clinical Specialist role, ensuring our EP’s have top Clinical and Condition support wherever needed. A role Brad McGregor was custom built for…
  • Parramatta EP, Anthony Yen commences as an Account Manager while he continues providing Exercise Physiology services as well
  • Victorian EP, Kristin Hoogenbosch is right where she should be as Team Leader for both Victoria and South Australia


  • A big thanks to National Operations Manager, Rob Daking for his passion and dedication to Specialised Health. A huge good luck for your new and exciting role!

See you all (digitally at least) in April!