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The Month’s Education

In case you missed our online posts and emails you can click the links below:

Feature Articles

PTSD and Exercise Part 1: What is it? Why Exercise?
Understand PTSD. Learn about the diagnosis, symptoms and experiences of PTSD plus the benefits exercise provides.

PTSD and Exercise Part 2: The Physiology of PTSD and Exercise.
Know that exercise helps PTSD, but don’t know why? What happens to the brain and the body? Find out!

Staff Spotlight 


Food– Pizza, life is about everything in moderation right? In fact, if I wasn’t an EP I’d probably own my own pizza shop and call it “The Slice Is Right”.

Exercise – A bush walk or hike. Sometimes I think we take for granted what we have in our own backyard!

Fact – It’s been shown in studies that laughter lowers your blood pressure and can ease the natural flow of blood through your body, improving cardiovascular strength. In fact, laughing 100-200 times has been known to equal 15 minutes of cardio exercise!

Fiction– I am completely obsessed with the show Billions at the moment (in moderation of course).

Fiction-fact (Exercise Myth Buster) – Doing sit ups will lead to getting abs. (NOT!)

Poor technique when completing the “sit up” exercise can promote poor posture if the exerciser isn’t also working their back or true core, and then sitting hunched at a desk or in the car (which sadly, is all too common!).

A visible six pack is more related to a low body fat percentage, so the two keys aspects to developing the ever desired “six pack” are a well-balanced diet and some lucky genetics.


This Month in Social Media

Favourite Social Media Posts

The most popular posts across the platforms were:

🥇 First Place: Across all platforms the video of Brad McGregor‘s client was the most popular: he had 5 spinal surgeries but demonstrated awesome core strength during his Ab Roll Out!

🥈Runner Up:  Our Instagram post encouraging the importance of exercise for mental health

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Out and About

Thanks again to Rob Frank and Gen Re for having Director Brad Domek present about the evidence behind using exercise for mental health claims and the tools Specialised Health are using to get great outcomes!

And as Karma dictates, we had a chance to host a guest of our own, when Year 10 Work Experience student Tom Hardy visited for a few days. Here’s how he found it:

Meet Tom

Focus Areas for July

Each week via our Team Meetings and Roundtables, we discuss what the biggest areas are which we’re going to focus on and improve as a company. This month we looked at:

  • The exciting world of data and analytics… We discussed that our outcomes are amazing but we’re not doing a great job of showcasing these. We’re looking to improve the data we capture for every customer going through our programs so stay tuned for news here.
  • Sharing more of our Heart Rate Variability and Activity Tracking dashboards with Insurers and RPs. These provide awesome insights into the client’s recoverability and we need to share this info more.
  • Work specific functional testing. We all go away from our core focus every now and then so this month we reminded ourselves that when our programs are aimed at improving work capacity we need to make sure the way we’re demonstrating this is specific and relatable back to the job role.

Staff Changes

  • A big goodbye and thank you to EP Jennifer Smallridge who is moving on! Good luck and thanks for the amazing care and support you always provided to your clients.
  • Sneak Peak: Stay tuned for August’s breaking news regarding some more staff we’ve found which we’re excited to share with you!


That’s All Folks
That’s all from
us. Hope you had a great month too! See you (digitally at least) in August!