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It’s a Hit! Feedback from ‘Bounce,’ our Fatigue Management Program

Our fatigue management approach has been maturing – like a fine wine – for several years now since we initially introduced HRV tracking back in 2017. We’ve had such success with it that earlier this year, we decided to bundle up all this knowledge and hands-on experience to form… The Bounce Program!

The Bounce Program is our tried and tested fatigue management approach distilled down into a value-packed 12-week program. 

It’s awesome for chronic fatigue clients because, well, it works. And it’s awesome for insurers because its fixed-fee and fixed-duration format allows for greater predictability of the spend involved AND it is delivered via telehealth by default (with options for face-to-face sessions if preferred). This means that we can reach clients anywhere in Aus and NZ, even right out in the wops (kiwi slang for ‘middle of nowhere’) – provided that there is internet connection!


Who is ‘Bounce’ for?

The Bounce Program is appropriate for anyone struggling with chronic fatigue, whether post-viral fatigue, cancer-related fatigue, or another cause! The approach that we take for fatigue management is much the same between the different conditions, albeit with some client-specific amendments. 

The best part about making a Bounce referral is that the data that we collect from their results are being collated and put forward for academic research! So you’ll be contributing to the development of science in regards to best practices for fatigue management. 

We think it’s pretty epic because we get to see firsthand the real-world benefit that it provides to our clients. But don’t just take it from us… As our first few Bounce graduates have started to roll in, we checked in with them to see what they thought of the program. 

Here’s what a few of them had to say!

Fatigue management program

What did you think of the Bounce Program?

“I think the Bounce program has been great as using biofeedback is so much safer for avoiding Post Exertional Malaise (fatigue following on from physical exertion) and relapses. You learn to put the brakes on before you head into a crash.” 

What is the most useful thing that you have learned since starting this program?

“The most useful thing I have learnt is to take more notice of HRV sympathetic swings or abnormally high parasympathetic ones and to rest more and meditate more on those days. Using the biofeedback to give myself permission to rest has been very valuable.” 

What changes have you noticed since starting this program?

“I have noticed that my swings are not as bad and that by incorporating regular meditation I recover some energy more quickly after a demanding activity. I have also noticed that I have less frequent sympathetic swings. My breathing pattern has  also changed since doing breathing practice and I breathe much more deeply now.” 

Fatigue management program

How well do you think you can identify booming and busting activities and trends? 

Initial scores were an average of 4.33 / 10,

Increasing to a final score of 8 / 10!


Do you have any positive feedback about our service or your Exercise Physiologist that you would like to share?

“I think the program is valuable for anyone starting their ME/CFS recovery.” 

“[The Bounce Program provided] appropriate, safe guidance and advice. A high quality service delivery.” 

“Dan was approachable, knowledgeable and a wonderful support during what has been the hardest time of my life. I appreciated his assistance in providing tracking devices and training exercises as they contribute to my overall recovery plan.” 


And since we are all about helping people to gain independent self-management…

How would you rate your confidence in independently continuing your prescribed exercise program? 

“Highly confident”

“Extremely confident”

Fatigue management program


Still have a few questions about the ‘Bounce’ Fatigue Management Program? Maybe we can answer them below…


What exactly is HRV?

Don’t worry, we know it’s a lot to take in! Luckily, we have a whole heap of resources about Heart Rate Variability and the science behind it:

The Secret Weapon: HRV

New To HRV? 5 Things To Get You Started

Let’s Get Techy! Why We Use HRV For Chronic Fatigue

One of our (initially unsure) clients experienced the magic of HRV after giving it a go!

“I was initially skeptical but the HRV score gave a usually accurate insight into my physical capability for the day, and coupled with the activity and sleep tracking helped me identify when I was booming and busting.”


Does Telehealth really work?

From someone who has experienced it themselves…

The Telehealth sessions have been great. They can be cognitively demanding but keeping them to time and resting afterwards works. Telehealth is here to stay in today’s world with Covid and it’s good that you can still be in contact with people without seeing them face to face.” 


More Questions? 

Check out the Bounce Information page, or reach out for a chat! You can contact us here

Have you got a Bounce candidate in mind? Make a referral here!


Author: Yolanda van Vugt 
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Content Creator at Specialised Health


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