Day in the life of a Specialised Health EP

A day in the life! As a Specialised Health EP

Ever wondered about the day in the life of an Exercise Physiologist (EP)? What about a mobile EP? Over the years, we’ve championed our mobile approach for its benefits – to both customers and staff. Today, as our team grows across New Zealand and Australia, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pull back the curtain. 

To do that, one of our fantastic EPs – Georgia – has graciously offered a glimpse into her daily routine – let’s dive into an average Tuesday in her world!


Setting up the day 


One of the great things about working remotely is having control over your mornings. Our EPs get to call the shots on their schedules and kick start their day in a way that feels right for them. 

a day in the life of georgia

For Georgia, that means starting in her home office; where she gets her ducks in a row, uses that coffee fuelled morning energy to get her admin out of the way, before touching base for a tele-health check in and getting on the road. For others, that might mean a coffee on the road and face to face sessions to start the day – saving admin for the afternoon. 

Either way, our EPs choose what works best for them.


Variety is the spice of life!


a day in the life of georgia

At some point in the day, our EPs trade their chosen office setup for the road. They’re the bosses of their own time, setting up appointments and covering ground across their regions. The coolest part of being on our team? The variety. Variety of conditions, of locations, of everything! No two days are ever the same.

We see clients in a range of cohorts, including diverse musculoskeletal injuries, mental health challenges, cardiovascular conditions, fatigue – you name it! For that same reason, our services differ.

As you can see, across Georgia’s day, some sessions are more focused on exercise prescription, whereas others are based on adherence, support and implementing behaviour change strategies. 

It might sound like a lot, which is one of the reasons we all keep in touch.

As you can see, 1.00pm on the calendar is a fortnightly zoom meeting. We also have roundtables, weekly water cooler catch-ups. This allows us to discuss cases, pose questions and all importantly, maintain that team feel. 


Wrapping up


a day in the life of georgiaBack to the home office (or any spot that sparks that last burst of productivity) the close of the day typically involves a bit of a wind-down, much like the morning kickstart. 

After this day, Georgia sent out some resources to go alongside her earlier recommendations (i.e. a stress management handout and any updated programs), and there you have it, a typical Tuesday comes to an end! 


As our team expands, if you’re keen on joining us or learning more about what that entails, explore our job listings or connect with us on LinkedIn. We’re always excited to make new connections!

Author: Tessa Nielsen 
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and
Content Creator at Specialised Health

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