Some Christmas Cheer to Round Off the Year!

It has been a big year, and you’re probably thinking more about what to make for Christmas dinner than about work right now. We know you would rather something merry and bright for your last blog of the year… 


Well, your wishes have been heard! The Christmas angels have summoned a blog filled with only the good stuff. They asked the Specialised Health team for some of their special ‘client moments’ of the year, the heart warming stories, personal victories, and the little wins that didn’t quite make the headlines. 


It’s our version of a Santa-stocking – stuffed with good little read’s. Enjoy! 

I have a lovely man who lives on his own and after shoulder dislocation and surgery, could not fill up his kettle for two cups as he could not lift that weight and pour the tea or coffee. As a result he felt like he couldn’t have friends over as he felt embarrassed that he would be constantly making one cup of tea at a time.

He can now fill the kettle up to two cups and it has made his day – which in turn has made mine 🙂 It’s always a lovely reminder to appreciate the small things in life!


I have a cardiac client who I’m seeing after a heart transplant. He reported to me the other week how he had been very cautious of picking items off the floor (due to potential dizziness spells) but noticed the other week how he just picked something up without thinking – I thought that was a pretty cool feat. 

Another client told me her son was now thinking of studying to become an EP because of our program. Before our involvement, he and also the client didn’t even know about or had heard of an EP!


I had a client who could put on her joggers to take her 2 young kids to the park after 2 years of chronic ankle pain and swelling. It was a huge emotional win for her. 


A client of mine was unable to cut her top hedges which blocked her view out of her front window. After her program, due to her improvement in strength, she was able to climb up and stabilise herself to tend to her garden and cut her top hedges.


I also had an amputee client who’s one leg was very weak, and he didn’t think he would be able to return to the gym and complete weights. His first session with me he was able to complete leg extension/leg curl and was shocked that he had no pain symptoms. He gradually built in confidence to complete 30kg single leg exercises.


My win was that I had a lady who had socially isolated herself for years (following a brain injury) and near the end of our time together, she went away for a weekend with friends. She said she couldn’t have imagined herself doing that at the start.


I have a client that participated in a horse competition after previously pulling out of one due to her mental health condition. She ended up performing really well with the horse and described the experience as “amazing, amazing!!!”


A client with cancer related fatigue said that he has enjoyed the Exercise Physiology service the most as I am the only one that hasn’t treated him like a number or felt like he is just there to fill out forms. He also mentioned that he feels much more confident due to feeling more mobile and flexible 

Another client (still in the program) mentioned that this is the longest he has gone without chronic lower back pain symptoms and that he looks forward to his weekly sessions (so I’m hoping it’s the program that is contributing to that!).





To those who have referred to us this year, and those who have worked alongside us, thank you for helping to make such a change in the lives of these people.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Author: Yolanda van Vugt / The Specialised Health Team
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Content Creator at Specialised

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