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To potentially save you some time, here are a few answers to some often asked questions about our programs 

which might answer your query.

1. Where does Specialised Health cover?
Our consultants cover the entire Sydney metro area as well as Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and even down in Launceston, Tassie.

2. Where do you perform your programs?
Our programs can be delivered in a local gym if you want your client to be out and about, in a local pool facility if they need to start with some hydro or in the home if they’d prefer to start there and if the goals are very ADL focused.

3. What conditions do you specialise in?
Specialised Health’s EP’s are all skilled in musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as providing exercise programming to assist with other chronic conditions including post-cancer rehabilitation, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and depression, neurological disorders, cardiac conditions, lifestyle diseases and chronic pain.

4. Do Specialised Health’s EP’s understand the RTW process
Specialised Health takes an enormous amount of pride in the fact that our EP’s all have a fantastic knowledge of the compensable schemes. Our Director, Brad Domek, has over 10 years of experience as an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider and there is over 80 combined years of work in the compensable schemes across the rest of the team. As a result all of our EP’s are familiar with case conferencing, RTW planning and setting outcome based milestones.

5. How much does Specialised Health charge?
Our hourly rate is $150 per hour, charged for all services including sessions, reporting and travel. Each referral will be assessed individually in terms of it’s complexity and approval will be sought for initial assessment funding, from the Insurer, before proceeding with any services.

6. Will we receive a report after your assessment?
The assessment report will be forwarded to the Insurer following the assessment as well as any parties for whom the customer has provided information consent. The report will detail all findings, recommendations and the costs of any recommended interventions.

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