About Specialised Health

At Specialised Health, we believe in getting the best possible results for all our clients. From best-practice rehabilitation methods to value for money.

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Specialised Assessments

As Exercise Physiologists with specific workplace assessment accreditation, Specialised Health employees are able to utilize knowledge of biomechanics and injuries

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Enabling & Conditioning

Specialised Health conducts programs of various lengths depending on individual needs and develops program goals in conjunction with Occupational Therapists

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Injury Management

Specialised Injury Management combines the performance of a Blueprint Assessment and an Enabling & Conditioning program to provide an end-end approach

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VIDEO – Working with an Exercise Physiologist Part 1

Video series providing insights into working with and obtaining the most out of treatment provided by an Exercise Physiologist. Learn more about their skill set and apply this knowledge to difficult or long standing rehabilitation processes watch video »

Working with an Exercise Physiologist Part 1

Improve Work Performance or Return to Work

When return to work is the goal, functional activities and frequent communication are utilized to ensure minimum time is lost due to incapacity. read more »

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Improve Performance at Home or in the Community

Not all rehabilitation processes focus on a return to paid employment and for this reason Specialised Health works closely with OT’s and other Professionals to assist clients in their homes. read more »

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Stay up to date as we share insights into our programs, the ups and downs of rehab processes and the secrets to our successes. read more »

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