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With a strong focus on communication with all stakeholders in the rehabilitation process, our EP’s are able to tie in seamlessly with Rehab Providers, Physiotherapists, Injury Management Advisors and Claims Managers to drive progression, upgrades and outcomes.

We acknowledge that the needs of rehab processes can change often and frequent communication is vital, therefore, we’re always available to discuss our treatment plans when needed but, on top of this, we’ll update consistently throughout the process to ensure everyone is always up to date with the claimant’s achievements in each of our sessions.

We encourage a joint and streamlined approach by all parties throughout the process, therefore, if you the Insurer, Rehab Provider or Doctor, would like to attend and observe an exercise session, perfect. If case conferencing is required with other Treating Practitioners, done. If a visit to the workplace is required to discuss capacity with the Employer, also done.

We’re aware of the traditional problems affecting return to work processes which stem from poor communication so our Exercise Physiologists will get in touch, stay in touch and ensure you’re up to date with useful information that allows you to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Get in touch with our Director, Brad Domek, to discuss how we can help your injured worker return to their pre-injury duties.

  • The team at Specialised Health are experts in their field and extremely professional. Brad is always available to discuss service strategy and the EP’s are very responsive with high levels of communication. The outcomes are fantastic and achieved in such a collaborative way. A brilliant team to partner with

    Kelly Vance, Director, Zeal Health

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