Join Us

If you want to:

  • join a national provider of Exercise Physiology services that still operates as an agile, innovative, caring, small business?
  • be part of a company where you’re encouraged to be an industry leading EP, an expert, the “go-to person”?
  • be paid to train and develop your EP skills and your personal brand
  • be able to provide evidence-based rehabilitation including mindfulness, sleep hygiene, nutritional advice, dietary planning, activity tracking, cognitive retraining, neurological training, hydrotherapy and more.

Then here’s some more info to help you realise why you should be joining us:

What experience do I need?
Our EP’s all have at least 3 years’ experience and have a solid knowledge of the work performed in the insurance settings either as a Rehab Provider, Insurer, Employer or Treatment Provider

How many patients will I look after?
You’ll be able to set your limit with how many cases you want to take, however, we always like to build our EP’s up to patient loads of 20-25 clients or up to 25-30hrs per week.

Will I be performing workplace assessment, case conferences and RTW Plans?
Yes, in the Life Insurance scheme you may be requested to perform any / all of these services to complement the EP program you prescribe.

How will I be paid and how much?
All staff invoice for the amount of hours they bill per client at the end of the month. This includes for supervised sessions, skype based sessions, travel to appointments, report writing and communication with other stakeholders

Even though I’ll be a “contractor” to Specialised Health, will I be paid to participate in training?
Yes, we love helping our staff develop themselves and become industry leading health professionals. We pay all staff 50% of their hourly rate to participate in training / PD courses and deliver what they learnt as an inservice to all of our other EP’s.

How many clinics / practices does Specialised Health have?
None. We are a completely remote and mobile EP company. We provide supervised sessions for clients in their local gym, at their home, a local hydro facility, park, mountain, pool, bike track, beach etc etc. Travelling is therefore part of your job, however, we try to keep you within a 30min radius from your home.

Is every case about return to work?
No. However, given the evidence around the benefits of returning to work as early as possible to assist rehabilitation, RTW will always be a goal of any rehab program where it’s appropriate, however, given the nature of the clients we see unfortunately returning to work is not always an option and in many cases we are called upon to improve quality of life only and improve performance of ADL tasks.

What conditions will I frequently work with?
Musculoskeletal rehabilitation will always form a big part of what we do, however, big areas of our work focus on clients with cancer or who are post-cancer, have chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression, stroke, brain injuries, neurodegenerative conditions, metabolic conditions, cardiac conditions etc etc. The nature of Life Insurance / Income Protection is that our clients will access the benefits on their claim if they are suffering from ANY condition which stops them from working.