Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me again what the ReConnect program is:

ReConnect is a 4 session program where you will participate in 4 x 60min one-on-one education sessions
with an Exercise Physiologist


Is this an exercise program?

No you won’t be exercising as part of this program, the ReCharge program is for that. ReConnect will allow you to chat with an exercise specialist who can provide you with all the know-how and tools to make exercise a part of your life so you can take them away and implement a new healthy lifestyle routine.


What do the 4 education sessions cover:

The Exercise Physiologist will spend each session on one of the following 4 topics which we call the “4 Pillars of Health” being Activity, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Sleep. Your Exercise Physiologist will have a set curriculum to take you through, however, you are free to choose your own adventure and cover as much or as little as you’d like on each of the topics.


What if I don’t want to talk about one of the 4 pillars?

You definitely do not have to. You can mix and match and spend more time discussing the topics you do wish to cover.


What is an Exercise Physiologist? Are they qualified to work with me?

An Exercise Physiologist assesses, plans and implements rehabilitation programs for chronic injuries and illness such as mental health, musculoskeletal injuries, fatigue conditions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and arthritis. EPs assist in restoring optimal physical function, health and wellness. EPs must obtain a science-based undergraduate degree before obtaining a postgraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and then completing over 500 clinical hours for experience


Where do I need to go to see the Exercise Physiologist:

If you’re close-by to one of our EPs, see here for a list of our locations, then our mobile practitioners will organise a mutually convenient location to catch up and chat in-person, otherwise you’ll be offered a Zoom based program where the 4 sessions will be completed via video conference.


Does telehealth work as well as face-to-face?

All EPs at Specialised Health have been providing telehealth programs for several years for clients living rurally or who may not have easy access to services such as miners, farmers etc and have seen many successful outcomes as a result. Here is an example:


What happens if I don’t have internet?

Telephone consults can be just as effective as video-conferencing and your EP will discuss with you how this may work in your specific situation.


How much does the program cost?

If you meet the necessary criteria, the ReConnect™ program will be paid for by your Insurer via your Life Insurance policy

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